Samantha and Charlotte wander around their house ~ No- 8 (in black and white)

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In that garden, on that sultry afternoon, rooks took to the air as Samantha’s smacks began to land on her dear Charlotte’s bottom, echoing around their small courtyard, before rising into the trees like gunshots.

“Ohhh Samantha, this is perfect…oww! oooooh!

Samantha smiled as she carried on, reddening her submissive friends cheeks. Then a little robin landed in the bushes and twittered beautifully.

“Oh!” Said Charlotte. “I love Robin Redbreasts.”

“Its come to see its cousin.” Chuckled Samantha.

“What do you mean?”

“Its come to see Charlotte Redcheeks!”

Their love grew by the hour, and with every smack…and with ever joful giggle….

more to come


4 thoughts on “Samantha and Charlotte wander around their house ~ No- 8 (in black and white)

  1. I like the second picture . Samantha’s smack has just made contact and Charlotte’s head is thrown back- no doubt she’s shouting “Owoooh”. Is Sam aroused? And who’s she talking to. Is the next door neighbor copping an eyeful over the fence ?

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