Kate’s Story – Part Six

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It wasn’t the hardest of canings, but enough to give her a short sharp shock, althoughI could not help but wonder what was going through her mind when she masturbated with the cane. Had I just given her what she was dreaming of? I would probably never know, but, all the same, a girl should protect her modesty and not go masturbating in a classroom.

I put her in corner time until the bell went. I had numerous visitors, my secretary, the postman, two parents, and a company rep. They all looked at her, sniffing away, and probably felt sorry for her. I did not. A girl needs rules, order and discipline!

When the bell went, I asked my secretary to bring in the letter she had typed for her parents. I asked her to pass it to her. I could see Kate blush and squirm as she did.

I suspect that she will get another dose of corporal punishment in the next half hour…

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