Kate’s Story – Part Five

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She removed the wet sticky hook of the cane from her pussy. “Don’t bother pulling your knickers up young lady! Put the cane in your mouth and follow me to my office!”

As you might imagine the long walk to my office was excruciatingly embarrassing for Kate, struggling to hide her bottom, hurrying to keep up, and a cane in her mouth. And all the time the other girls pointing and laughing at her predicament.

Eventually we arrived in my office.

I told her to walk over to the desk and bend over as I took a clean cane from my implement cupboard.

With the target of her creamy white pair of youthful buttocks trembling before me, I swished the cane through the air three times in practice and moved towards her. Only moments before the crook handle of a similar cane had been satisfying her slippery little hole, now it was the other end of the cane that she would feel…