The Red Tennis Knickers – Part Four, and Epilogue.

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The Red Tenns Knickers- part 4 and epilogue…

A week ago, Miss Grizzly Umpire had walloped my derriere for having suggested that she needs glasses. She promised me a pair of red punishment tennis knickers for the competition with the London club. I vividly remembered her words. “For the games, next week, you will wear the red punishment knickers I’ll be giving you later. Everyone will understand that you have been a naughty girl even if your bottom has mostly recovered its natural colour.”

She hadn’t delivered those red knickers. I prayed that she forgot, my derriere was still decorated with fading medals, and my frilly tennis knickers were doing a great job of covering the evidence of my naughtiness… Insulting an umpire, what was I thinking!

Jeremy had approved my punishment, but he enthusiastically massaged my bum with Arnica mornings and evenings. I have to say that I had enjoyed that, and one morning I was late at the bank.

A week later, the Birchwood Tennis Club had hired a coach, and we were now in the changing room allocated to us by the London Club, we were challenging. Suddenly, Miss Grizzly Hildegard stood in front of me. “Take off your tennis knickers!” She handed me a pair of flaming red satin knickers. “Put them on and be quick about it unless you want another spanking!” I didn’t argue! They felt tight and once they were up, I realized how skimpy they were. I tried to adjust them.

I was still in front of the tall mirror, tucking my shameful knickers left and right, when Miss Coach Davenport entered the locker room. “Lets get them girls!” She added, “Come on Josy, those punishment knickers are well deserved, and you’re not going to declare forfeit on me!” My team mates chanted, “Don’t be a chicken, Josy!”

I entered the court with quite a blush and hurriedly sat while our names were pulled out from an old fashioned top hat. Nancy was first. I kept my skirt tightly around my thighs. She won, and I applauded, without jumping up and down as my teammates.

We were tied when I was called on the court. There was only one more player after me. I could win the competition for our club. For my first service, I heard part of the crowd mouthing a surprised, “OH!” I knew that they had discovered who was our club’s naughty girl.

My opponent did well with returning my service, but I whacked it back with a vengeance. She didn’t have a chance. I massacred her. It was a knickers down defeat!

We won the tournament and my teammates and our crowd applauded and chanted. Jeremy had climbed on the bench to cheer.

Later, when I carried the silver cup back to our locker room, our coach was beaming with a strange smile.

“Josy, I’m impressed. It’s been a while since I saw someone at this level play with this kind of focus. After your laundry, you are to return those knickers to me instead of Miss Hildegard. She has agreed to donate them to our team, as they seem to do wonders for motivation. Speaking of which, that paddle is wasted with decorating my office. It will see good use in the coming weeks and months.”

We must have looked apprehensive at this prospect. Miss Davenport laughed. “Don’t pretend that you haven’t felt it! I do know of your secret team initiations. With help from that paddle, I will make sure that we win the nationals!”

A few girls hissed. “Thanks a lot, Josy!”

Nancy sarcastically added. “I’m so looking forward to feel that paddle again.”

Miss Coach echoed, “No pain, no gain, they say!”

The following Sunday, Nancy and Adam were coming for lunch and I was wearing a miniskirt almost as short as the one of Nancy. She teased me by whistling like a boy. I had prepared salmon Wellington, and I suitably blushed for the compliments.

After lunch Jeremy told. “I had an interesting visit on Friday. Our Constable came asking if I knew a young lady riding one of my new white bikes. He said that she was speeding on a sidewalk to discreetly run a red light. He further described that bike and I told him that I do know the naughty young lady. He gave me the fine to be delivered to her.”

I was blushing as red as a red light, when Jeremy dropped the fine on the coffee table and added, “Josy, you have indeed been a very naughty girl, and I am going to teach you a good lesson.”

He stood and unbuckled his belt while ordering. “Raise your skirt, drop your knickers, hands on the coffee table.”

I pleaded, “Oh please not in front of our guests.”

“Why not! They were there when I told you that you would be tasting my belt for your next traffic offense.”

My goose was cooked! I slowly raised my mini and lowered my knickers. With my hands on the coffee table, I realized how I was shamefully exposing my curls for Nancy and Adam.

There was a loud SMACK, and I echoed it with a louder “OUCH!” as I felt a stripe of fire across my derriere.

Another SMACK was followed by “OUCH! OUCH!” and I wriggled my fiery bum.

I had received ten strokes and my butt was throbbing when I got two more across the back of my thighs. I danced on the spot, rubbing my butt and thighs while chanting, “AIE! AIE! AIE!”

“You will have to ride slower not to show those two stripes to the whole village because you will be wearing one of Nancy’s miniskirts !”

I carefully pulled up my knickers and adjusted my skirt, and Nancy gave me a high five. “Welcome to the naughty girls’ club!”


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