I am filled with desire…

I can’t play a guitar, but I can strum! If I put my fingers in a few different places ….guess what? The notes go up and down….magic!

I can’t sing, although I gave been known to belt out ‘Cracklin Rose’ on Karaoke….the Landlord at my local pub seems to like it, he always asks me to sing it when he is trying to lock up and send the last customers home to bed.

I have written this, I’ll sing it for you….::cough cough::


strum strum strum strum

The Sky is all aglow

As the sun is settin’ low

And I think of all the bottoms that I’ve spanked….

strum strum strum strum

I am filled with desire

As I look at the fire

And I think of all the bottoms that I’ve spanked….

strum strum strum strum

The fire gently flickers

As I think of the knickers

Sliding down all the bottoms that I’ve spanked…

I hum….and the noise like army boots on broken glass (my voice) gently fades away.

I rest my guitar against the Victorian blue tiles by my log fire, there is a chill in the air tonight, I pick up my glass of port and have a swallow.

Bit of a long introduction wasn’t it?

This is a photo link to some of the favourite places on my blog….the pictures you see are what are in my mind as I drink my port, and look into the fire. I tend to do this more and more as I get older. Sit with me if you want, you’d be most welcome.

Here we go…this is going to grow….Click on the link under the photo, to find out more, it could be a link to anywhere on my blog, in no specific order.


strum strum strum strum

There is much more to come

If you want to see a bum

And see all the bottoms that I spank!

…good eh? I reckon I ought to contact ‘Cold Play’ or somebody with this one!



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