The End of the Day…

Another story I will dip in to from time to time, it is good for me to write, but I need to write a few stories at the same time, it keeps my brain nice and filthy….

The house, ‘Lyndene’ is not huge, but big enough to employ two maids. Charlotte and Amber. They are good girls, in their duties, but bad girls in their little attic bedroom, right at the top of the third flight of stairs, resting quietly at the back of the house.

Duties are done, the kindling for fires in the morning are all set, Charlotte is waiting for her dear friend and lover. Shut away from the hard world they left, they have found happiness beyond belief in the attic. They have both discovered that the other shares the love of sensual spanking. Up in this room, they are a long way from the family….they enjoy peace, and quiet.

Weary young footsteps plod up the final set of stairs, and in she flops, on to the bed. “Ohhh Charlotte, I am worn out.”

Charlotte loves her dramatic little friend. “Would you like a shoulder massage Amber?”

“Oh yes please!” Replied Amber as she climbs into position.

They are well looked after, a coal fire crackles in the grate, and an oil lamp flickers. Soon, in the warmth and glow, muscles are being eased.

Soft talk, soothing giggles and friendly smiles soon leads to what Charlotte expects, her friend is so predictable.

“I know what I really need.” Says Amber. “Some bottom fondling and spanking!”

“Oh really? I’m both surprised and shocked!” Mocks Charlotte. “Over you come then!” She adds as she adjusts her position.

Soon two Victorian Maids uniforms and aprons intermingle, as Amber lays over her friends lap, her bottom raised expectantly.

Charlotte fondles the soft curvy cheeks through the material, giving Ambers rump a few sound smack. “Oooooh just what I need.”

In no time at all, her bloomers are revealed and the shape of her fine rounded cheeks push up against the material. “These need to come down my dear!”

And soon, they did just that.

Sharp, stingy, fast smacks, quickly followed by sensual little squeals were soon echoing in the stillness.

Little yelps and squeals soon turned to moans of sexual excitement as Charlotte probed the tight little hole of her friends bottom between the smacks.

Soon Amber was grinding her pussy against the hip of her friend, in rhythem to the smacks, her first orgasm was beautiful.

“Oh you naughty girl Amber, fancy cumming already, I think you need slippering until you cum again!” Said Charlotte as she reached for her slipper and began to use it!

Hard! Amber’s bottom bobbed up and down quickly trying its best to meet every crisp smack!

The slippering of Amber continued pretty much as the hand spanking… eagerly! Every whack with their dainty little slipper was met by Amber’s rising cheeks…”Tell me I am a naughty girl as I cum again!” Begged Amber as she pushed her pussy down and bottom up repeatedly.

“Oh I am such a naughty maid! Spank me! Oh spank me Charlotte!”

“You naughty naughty girl! You deserve such a spanking!” Shouted Charlotte.

The room was safe, nobody heard…or so they thought. As Asa Jones, their kind old Master, watched through the little spy hole…masturbating.

Whack! Whack! Whack!

“Ohhh I am soooo naughty, punish me Mistress!”

“Me thinks thou enjoy thy punishment too much you naughty maid!” Laughed Charlotte.

“Oh I do! I do! Do it again!” Pleaded Amber.

“No I shan’t…it’s my turn!” Said Charlotte eagerly, as they changed places.

Mr.Jones watched, and smiled. “One day, maybe, I will spank them.” He hoped. But they were such delightful girls. Never naughty. Very obedient. Always so lovely and happy.

They began to change places.

Amber pulled her bloomers up, laughing….”one pair up, one pair down eh?”

She brushed her apron smooth, and more seriously said…”Right then you naughty maid! Over you come! I am going to bare your bottom and spank it!”

“I might just dive over, like I might into the lake where we go swimming naked!” Laughed Charlotte.

Mr. Jones’s ears pricked up. “Hmmm, so in the summer, they are naughty. I wonder when they do that? When?…..When I go to town or the market I bet.” He was so pleased, and rather excited.

Charlotte got over, and as their Master’s rhythem picked up again, (as he pressed his eye once more to the spy hole), so did the rhythem of the smacks!

Amber then picked up the same slipper that Charlotte had used on her.

“Are you ready for some serious smacking on your bottom Charlotte?”

“Oh God yes! Make them sting!” Begged Charlotte.

And she delivered a rapid peppering of smacks from the shiny well polished sole of the slipper to both cheeks, making Charlotte kick and squeal.

“Shall we do it together at the same time now? I like that.” Asked Amber.

“What a good idea!” Giggled Charlotte.

The Master was intrigued, and slowed the pace of the hand in his manhood as he stared, unblinking, through the peep hole.

Both girls moved side by side.

Their Master continued to watch, his hand moving slowly up and down…up and down…up and down. How lucky he was he thought…that two beautiful young girls should come into his service, and he find that they, like him, enjoy spanking the female bottom.

They tried both smacking at the same time, difficult, but not impossible. The sound of double smacking and erotic squealing filled their room..

Swapping places like slithering snakes they wound around each other, spanking.

Slowly they both spanked each other to sleeping positions, and their Master quickened his pace as he shot a mighty load from his glistening manhood, watching them writhe.

Much more to come…




This was one of the best days of my life, I really felt like a Victorian Gentleman. I travelled in time. My girls agreed…they loved it aiso. It was probably the hardest I have ever spanked them both too.

On a funny note, after all this, Amber and Charlotte bounced up and down on the bed…two lovely naughty girls, dressed as Victorian Maids, no bloomers on, holding their skirts up, bare red bottoms on show, having fun. A sight I will never ever forget, coupled with giggling as pleasant as a babbling brook.

I was so transfixed that I never photographed it…I’m sorry.

As we left the old farm where we had shot, I said…”Sorry if I spanked you both too hard today.” And smiled.

Together they hugged me, and said..”Don’t be daft!”

Another memory I will never forget.

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  1. A nice way to relax after a hard day an otk spanking will relax a person and Charlotte is such a good friend to take her over her knee and help her relax.I hope Charlotte for to relax as well.great set.Thanks

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