Lady Charlotte’s Punishment Room – Part One ~ the first story from my new studio.

London 1895

Lady Charlotte stood in her long black chiffon dress surveying the room. She had recently had it redecorated and refurnished to her own specifications. Its sole function was as a punishment room, a room for pain but also, she hoped, for pleasure!

The room was located in a secluded wing of her large house, a location where the noise of a sound thrashing and accompanying cries of pain would be unlikely to filter into the rest of the building. It was a long narrow room with a high ceiling, its sage-coloured walls and wood panelling adding an air of sophistication and tranquility. What was most striking about the room was the end wall which consisted of a full-height arched window with Georgian bars and stained-glass. Light streamed through the window producing an effect not unlike that in a small chapel. This was, however, not a room dedicated to the worship of God. It was a room dedicated to the worship of well-spanked bottoms, preferably bare bottoms!

The room was simply furnished, although none of the furniture was really designed for sitting on. It was designed primarily for young ladies to be bent over so that their bottoms could be well presented for the receipt of the strap, cane and birch rod. In pride of place, just in front of the window, stood a small padded spanking horse rather like an altar in a church. Just as altars were sometimes used in antiquity for ritual sacrifices, it could be said that the padded spanking horse was used to sacrifice victims’ bottoms to the lash of the rod!

As well as the spanking horse there was also a settle and a long low wooden bench, both innocuous looking pieces of furniture but useful additions should the horse be deemed unsuitable for whatever punishment Lady Charlotte had in mind.

In the far corner stood a small table upon which lay an assortment of instruments of correction, a thin, whippy-looking crook-handled cane, a heavy leather dragon’s tail tawse and a large stout oval-shaped clothes brush. In addition, a riding crop was lent against the window.

The room lacked soft furnishings, such as curtains and carpets. This was deliberate, as the room’s acoustics beautifully amplified the sound of a hand slapping down on bare flesh or cane swishing and thwacking across a pair of wriggling cheeks.

You may be wondering why such an elegant, attractive and sophisticated young lady should desire to have such a room. The answer was quite simple. She was addicted to the pleasures of spanking! Her experiences as a teenager in an exclusive boarding school for young ladies had been instrumental in awakening this rather perverse side of her nature. It was a school which firmly believed in the efficacy of the rod for instilling discipline and good manners in its pupils.

Lady Charlotte still fondly remembered her first ever spanking when she was a junior pupil. She had been very cheeky to the dormitory monitor who had reported the incident to the Head Girl. It was a fairly minor misdemeanour in the grand scheme of things, but one which the Head Girl had nevertheless felt warranted a sound spanking to ‘nip the problem in the bud’. A visit to the headmistress for more severe punishment was, in this instance, unjustified. She had been made to remove her skirts and lower herself across the Head Girl’s lap, who proceeded to part her split drawers and give her bare bottom a very sound walloping with her hand, followed up by a healthy dose of a hairbrush. It had stung, but not unbearably so. She had certainly wriggled over that lap, kicking her legs and squealing, but overall the experience hadn’t been too awful. As she had left the Head Girl’s study with a very sore red bottom and tears in her eyes, she started to gently rub her afflicted cheeks. As she did so, she became aware of a lovely warm feeling and a distinct dampness in her crotch. She had rushed to the relative privacy of her dormitory and wasted no time in tending to the urgent demands of her sexual arousal. From that day onwards, having her bottom spanked was closely associated with becoming sexual aroused. In consequence, Charlotte sometimes deliberately misbehaved to earn herself a spanking, the effects of which could be enjoyed after the event.

As she entered her last year as a pupil, she was appointed Head Girl. As such, she was required to attend to minor infringements of the rules by younger pupils and embarked on the pleasures of delivering spankings. She rapidly discovered that spanking younger girls was just as stimulating as receiving a spanking. She never abused her position, spankings only being given to those who really deserved them. However, she adored spanking their soft white bottoms, watching them squirm and wriggle across her knee as she turned their cheeks steadily from pink to red.

Thus, by the time she left the school, everything to do with spanking was deeply ingrained in her psyche. Unfortunately, away from the school environment she was unable to satisfy these urges. At the age of 21, she had married a titled wealthy banker, but derived very little satisfaction from the relationship. He was good at handling money, but not spirited young women like Charlotte who needed a firmer hand than he was able or prepared to offer. She was deeply frustrated and regretted her decision to marry him. It was therefore very fortunate for Charlotte that he was knocked down and killed by a tram whilst crossing the road on the way to his bank one day. As a result, the now 23-year old Charlotte was left with a title and wealth without the encumbrance of a husband.

Now that she was mistress of her own household, she was free to indulge her passion for spanking again. She made sure that her household was staffed solely by young ladies, young ladies who were prepared to submit to the rod should they commit some misdemeanour and offer little complaint. In return they were well-rewarded. Their wages were well above the prevailing rate and each was allocated a well-heated comfortable room in the main body of the house rather than a cold, draughty room in the attic. Anyone who found Lady Charlotte’s regime too strict and harsh was free to seek employment elsewhere with a set of good references. No one was forced to submit. However, despite the occasional dose of chastisement, very few chose to leave. An occasional sore bottom wasn’t too high a price to pay for having a comfortable room and good wages in return, and, in many cases, the young ladies actually learnt to enjoy the disciplinary attentions of their Mistress.

We rejoin Lady Charlotte in her punishment room. She is awaiting a young lady called Samantha, a new maid recently to enter her employment. Samantha has yet to be fully ‘initiated’ as one of Lady Charlotte’s ‘entourage’. She has only been in the household for two weeks and, until now, has performed most of her duties satisfactorily. However, it has come to Lady Charlotte’s attention that Samantha has committed a number of minor offences and one major offence which finally justified a visit to the punishment room.

Whilst serving food at one of Lady Charlotte’s dinner parties she had carelessly managed to tip a bowl of soup over one of the guest’s lap. The guest had been most understanding, but Lady Charlotte was not so forgiving and had noted the incident.

On another occasion Samantha had been seen helping herself to the Sherry decanter whilst cleaning the drawing room. The incident had been reported to Lady Charlotte who had added it to her mental list as she bided her time to take action.

The incident that finally brought things to a head was the report that Samantha had smuggled a young gentleman into her room one evening when she was off-duty. Whilst Lady Charlotte’s servants were not banned from meeting young men, they were not allowed to bring them into the house. This was a clear breach of the house rules and must be dealt with severely.

As a result, Samantha was informed that Lady Charlotte wished to see her after lunch at 2.00 pm precisely in the punishment room. Woe betide if she was late!

Lady Charlotte arrived at the room early, full of eager anticipation. It had been a while since she had had cause to discipline one of her servants and she had yet to ‘try out’ her newly refurbished room. Whilst Lady Charlotte awaited the maid’s arrival, she hummed to herself as she walked over to her implement table trying to decide which of her instruments she might use. Her hand glided over a clothes brush and then a cane, before selecting a heavy devil’s tail tawse. She wanted something that looked intimidating in full view when the wretched maid entered the room. She placed it on top of the spanking horse and stood behind it, waiting for the maid to appear. This was going to be a most enjoyable session, at least for her. The maid had committed three offences, each one meriting punishment, varying in degree from a relatievly mild hand spanking, to a sound tawsing and finally a very salutary thrashing with a cane. This would be a most fitting way of ‘christening’ her new punishment room!

A few minutes later, there was a tentative knock on the door and Lady Charlotte, in a loud voice, commanded Samantha to enter.

The door opened and Samantha slowly walked in, her eyes downcast and full of dread.

“You asked to see me, Ma’am?”

“Yes, I certainly did,” replied Lady Charlotte.

“Stand over there against the wall,” commanded Lady Charlotte.

Samantha stood at the side of the room, apprehension steadily rising in her stomach. She wrung her hands together nervously across her white apron. She had never been in this room before, but she had heard of its purpose from the other servants.

Lady Charlotte stood behind the horse staring intently at her. What was going to happen to her? She knew that what she had done wrong over the last few days might well result in her instant dismissal. What was to become of her if she was ordered to leave? A clock ticked loudly in the background adding to the tension as she waited for her Mistress to say something.

Finally, Lady Charlotte beckoned her to stand in front of her.

Samantha quickly moved to where her Mistress had indicated, Lady Charlotte disdainfully refraining from giving her eye contact.

Samantha stood before her.

Like a school teacher, at a podium or high desk, Lady Charlotte suddenly turned to face her, resting her arms on top of the horse.

Taking a deep breath and lowering herself on her elbows, Lady Charlotte finally started to speak, “Oh Samantha, you have been a very….

…very naughty, wicked young maid. Haven’t you? Kneel down before me and tell me what you have been.”

Samantha knelt down as commanded, but said nothing. Lady Charlotte stood up, her arms folded. Looking down sternly at her maid…she said, ”Well? What do you have to say? Speak up.”

I have been a very naughty young maid. Lady Charlotte.”

“Yes indeed, you have been! What am I to do with you?”

Samantha wasn’t at all sure how to respond to this, so just whispered, “I really don’t know Ma’am.”

“Hmmm! You really don’t know? Let’s examine your misdemeanours since you have been in my employ. You recall the incident last week at my dinner party when you spilled soup all over one of the guests?”

“Yes Ma’am, I’m very sorry. I didn’t mean to do it.”

“I should hope you didn’t! But, it happened because you were daydreaming and didn ‘t look at what you were doing,” replied Lady Charlotte.

“I’m sorry Ma’am. It’ll not happen again.”

Lady Charlotte continued, “Then there was the incident where you were seen taking a swig from my Sherry decanter in the drawing room. In my book that is what I would call stealing! Besides which, swigging sherry from the decanter is disgusting and most unhygienic.”

Samantha replied, sounding very flustered, “Sorry Ma’am. I couldn’t help myself. I’ve never tasted Sherry before and temptation got the better of me.”

“Hmmm! ‘Temptation got the better of you’. We’ll have to see if we can cure you of succumbing to temptation, won’t we?” Lady Charlotte responded, running her fingers along the tawse in front of her.

Samantha gulped, her eyes drawn to the tawse lying on top of the spanking horse. Her hands involuntarily reached around behind and brushed against her bottom.

“And then we come to your final misdemeanour. I hear that you managed to smuggle a young gentleman into your room last night. That is totally unacceptable! As you should have known, I will not countenance my servants ‘entertaining’ young gentlemen in their rooms under my roof. What you get up to outside my house is purely your own affair, but nothing like that should happen within these walls. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Now, what am I to do with you? The first two misdemeanours would only warrant relatively mild punishments, but the latter offence should by rights warrant your instant dismissal.”

Samantha looked up with alarm, suddenly finding her voice. “Oh Ma’am, please don’t dismiss me. I like it here and I will struggle to find another job. Please, please don’t dismiss me, I beg you, please don’t.”

As Samantha started to beg for mercy, tears started to stream down her face. She fell onto all fours and started to crawl towards Lady Charlotte. Lady Charlotte’s face remained impassive as she stared down at her grovelling servant, seemingly immune to her entreaties.

In fact, Lady Charlotte was rather enjoying the feeling of having total control over the fate of this young woman. In reality she had no intention of dismissing Samantha, but there was no harm in ‘putting the fear of God into her’. It would hopefully make her almost grateful when she offered to spank her instead. She’d think twice before stepping out of line again.

Once Samantha had finally exhausted her entreaties, Lady Charlotte moved over to the settle and sat down, instructing her to get up. Samantha slowly got to her feet and stood in front of her Mistress, her eyes downcast and hands held together in front of her like a naughty child.

Lady Charlotte then delivered her sentence. “I have listened to your snivelling for quite long enough, young lady. What you have done is very, very naughty, but I shall be merciful. I’ve decided that I won’t dismiss you.”

Samantha’s expression suddenly brightened, as she clasped her hands together. “Oh thank you Ma’am, thank you, thank you. I promise I won’t ever do anything wrong again, honest.”

Samantha’s relief was very short-lived.

“Hmmm! I doubt that very much. However, whilst I am not going to dismiss you, I am still going to punish you very soundly. Firstly, for the offence of spilling soup on one of my guests, I intend to put you across my knee, bare your bottom and spank it very hard with my hand. I expect you to accept the spanking with as much grace as you can muster and not make too much fuss. Now come closer, lift your dress and get across my knee.”

Samantha’s face was a picture of shock. She had never been spanked before. That and the thought of having her bottom bared sent a shiver of apprehension through her whole frame, her stomach experiencing a dreadful sinking feeling. If she refused to accept the punishment, then she would be out on the streets very quickly. She really didn’t have any choice but to submit.

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