Lady Charlotte’s Punishment Room ~ Part Four/2

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Charlotte gave a little smile at the sight of her maid’s apparent shock.

“There’s no need to look so surprised and shocked, young lady,” Lady Charlotte said. “I often thrash my maids without the encumbrance of clothing. I find that the freedom it affords enables me to deliver a much harder caning! It also helps me to remain cool from all the physical exertion and it’s so much more fun!”

So saying Lady Charlotte picked up the long, thin crook handled cane from the corner table. She drew it sensuously through her slender fingers. She then swished it menacingly through the air as she slowly walked around Samantha, displaying her naked body to her maid from all angles. Samantha was torn between looking at her Mistress’ body and the cane slicing through the air….SWISH! SWISH!

It looked extremely whippy and surely was going to really sting when applied to her bottom. Yet she had already discovered that the pain might well be accompanied by a delicious form of pleasure. Her heartbeat quickened and she started to feel increasingly aroused, both by the sight of her Mistress’ body and anticipation of the pleasure the cane might bring her. 

Lady Charlotte continued to parade herself in front of her maid, her left hand caressing her well-formed breast, as the nipples started to stand erect. Occasionally her hand brushed against her neatly shaven pussy. Samantha was mesmerised. Her Mistress was clearly in a high state of sexual excitement, which in turn seemed to stimulate her own state of arousal.

“Right, young lady. It’s time I got to work on your naughty bottom with my cane! Raise your skirts and get yourself over the spanking horse, NOW!”

Samantha jumped at the sudden barked command. She reached her arms down to the hem of her skirts and pulled them up over her back, before bending over the horse.

Lady Charlotte approached Samantha’s bent form and started to slowly open the drawers, rather like drawing back a set of theatre curtains. In this case, the ‘star of the show’ was to be Samantha’s bare bottom!

Charlotte stood back and surveyed her maid’s now bare cheeks provocatively protruding out through the open split. ‘What a lovely sight they look framed by the white drawers’, she thought. ‘Nevertheless, they’ll have to come right down otherwise the cane might just get caught in the fabric and I might just decide to put a few strokes across her upper thighs! That’ll make her jump and yelp for sure!’

Lady Charlotte loosened the pink ribbon that held up Samantha’s  drawers and proceeded to draw them slowly down over her naked thighs….

….until they cascaded down into a glorious creamy, frothy heap around her ankles. 

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