A Good Finger Wagging! By Asa Jones

A naughty girl who has taken things too far, is called to the front of the class.

“You! Young lady! Have tested my patience too far this time! You always think you are so clever, and nothing will ever happen to you. Well Charlotte I have news for you. Today is the day it will!”

She stands in shock.

The whole room goes quiet. This is serious, the teachers voice is different this time.

What is going to happen?

She puts her hands behind her back and fidgets, she is obviously nervous. The teacher stands up.

“Its time my ruler kissed your bottom my girl! Bend over!”

Nobody expected the skirt to come up.

Nobody expected the knickers to come down and her bottom get a really good bottom reddening spanking before the class either!

It wasn’t just a finger wagging telling off this time, was it Charlotte?

“No.”…she sniffs


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