Delivered in Three’s – Number Five – Charlotte in Wonderland -Part Ten

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Time to admire, and time to look at the beauty of Princess Spanky’s bottom was over. The Governess of Spanking Dreams decided to end the torment of waiting for her girl, “You have waited long enough my precious pet, I imagine your pussy is almost dripping in anticipation of a spanking by now.”

“Oh it is Mistress, I need to feel smacks and pain in my bottom so very badly, please Mistress, spank me.” begged princess Spanky.

“Come to the desk my dear, kneel at the punishment stool.” The Governess commanded.

“Ask me again.”

“Please Mistress, I have been naughty, and I need punishing.”

What a sight this is my friends. A submissive, on her knees, bottom bare, begging for a spanking.

More to come.


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