In Three’s ~ Number Six – ‘The Window Cleaners View’ – Part Six

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Because this is number six, all subsequent posts in this story will be at the bottom of this page, it is how ‘threes’ work.


It wasn’t long before before my next view of a girl being punished. I was on the corner of the old wing, it dated from the 1600’s, a lovely old brick and stone building with lots of well cared for ivy. The windows were stone, and mullioned, so my view was difficult, but I managed nicely.

I could not see the man, who answered the intercom on his desk, a lady, I presume a secretary was saying ‘She is here Mr Jones’.

The man then shouted in reply to a knock on the door. I could hear everything easily, my ears pricked up when I heard him shout…”Lift your skirt, lower your knickers and enter.”

I watched as a nervous girl walked in, I could hear giggles from the corridor, obviously the girl had left the secretary’s office, and gone to knock on this door, in full view of anyone in the corridor.

So she had bared her bottom embarrassingly before whoever giggled and entered as instructed.


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  1. Having seen all sets this sets a standard that makes my manhood scream to attention as well as yours. Does she know the power she has over we mere males to make us crazy with lust and desire

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