In Three’s ~ Number Six – ‘The Window Cleaners View’ – Part Thirteen


After making friends with Miss Kenworthy, we began to chat and have coffees out of work. Our conversations slowly worked their way around to corporal punishment. We shared the same interest!

We talked about her favourite girls to spank and the names of the girls I had seen earlier cropped up, Samantha and Charlotte.

It was a Wednesday, and Miss Kenworthy purposely bumped into me in the corridor. She only had seconds to speak…”Good Morning Mr Jones, a lovely day for your job.”

I agreed, it was a perfect day for cleaning windows.

“I should do my study at around 2 o’clock if I was you.” She smiled.

So I set up my scaffolding in the morning, to cover the corner of the third floor.

I peered in to her study.

I walked around the corner and peered through a corridor window, the corridor leading to her room.

I found the two girls sat waiting…

I smiled at them as I dipped my sponge into the water.

They both smiled back…

more to come


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