In Three’s ~ Number Six – ‘The Window Cleaners View’ – Part Eleven

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It was a lovely sunny day and everything was ticking along nicely when I walked by the new block, it is two stories high and full of windows. I have a routine and try to do most windows in rotation, this was due next week.

I heard a telling off, and wheeled my trolley over, and set up my ladders and brackets. I climbed up to the top floor where the commotion was coming from.

I was to be greeted by this wonderful sight.

An angry female voice was at the door to the classroom. “Now touch your toes young lady you are getting a spanking. I know that rolling up the waist of your skirts is getting a common practice, but this is just ridiculous.

She bent over, and the tiny skirt whipped up.

I began to rinse the dirt off the glass, and admired the view. I listened to what was being said. “You can stay there until the thirds years come in!”

I moved over to my right on the plank I had now rested between the two support brackets on my ladders. The teacher was sat working at her desk, she could not see me and would not have minded if she did, I was such a well known sight, I admired the view, as I rinsed more panes.

More to come


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