In Three’s ~ Number Six – ‘The Window Cleaners View’ – Part Twelve

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There was a flat roof to the side, and I climbed up and across to it from the ladder.. The teacher saw me and smiled. I spoke through the open window…

“Sorry to disturb you, I can see you are in the middle of something, would you like me to leave?”

“No, Mr.Jones, you have our job to do, don’t stop for me.” The teacher replied through a pretty smile.

I saw the girl wince and blush.

I worked my way back around, and once more stared at the girls knickers.

The teacher smiled broadly at me, and to my absolute delight, she winked, and said. Right, they are on their way. Slide your knickers to the floor.

She smiled at me again as the younger girls walked in. I decided to be a gentleman and climbed down.

I rested and thought to myself. “She did that on purpose, she wanted me to see.”

Later in the day as I drove to the gates, to go home, I saw the teacher, a Miss Kenworthy; and she put her finger to her lips in a ‘hush’ signal, and winked.

more to come


4 thoughts on “In Three’s ~ Number Six – ‘The Window Cleaners View’ – Part Twelve

  1. …thank you, I do like black and white, they seem a few things to me….nostalgic and retro, because as a child we only had black and white. Then the shadows and depth, they always seem to go deeper into the screen. It also gives me a chance to use the same photos more than once. It is Samantha.

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