In Three’s ~ Number Six – ‘The Window Cleaners View’ – Part Fifteen

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It was strange really, I knew what Miss Kenworthy was doing for me, I knew what the girls were now doing for me, in fact, we all new exactly what each one was doing for the other.

My job was to be the spectator, and I loved it,

Miss Kenworthy told the two naughty girls that even though the window cleaner is at the windows, they were still to have their bare bottoms punished. How shocked they looked!

They were told to stand, turn, and face the wall. Which they quickly did. I moved my bucket and began to walk right and left along my framework, getting the best view. How dutiful and diligent I must have looked to any innocent bystander.

I viewed from the left and right, as I wiped the dirty corners of the small panes of glass.

I bet you are glad the windows are so clean!

more to come…


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