The Incident Log of Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls – Incident No-5 ~ The Hockey Match Riot

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Charlotte has disgraced herself completely.

She is an excellent hockey player, full of passion, athletic, quick, strong and at times volatile. More than volatile, truth be known, when she loses her temper, she is a force of nature!

The latter was her downfall.

We were playing our strongest and most local rivals in the County Inter Schools Hockey Championship, a semi final, second leg. The first leg had been feisty, but it ended badly, with ill feeling after many fouls, and losing 0-1. The eventual winners, go into the Inter County Hockey Championship. The most prestigious hockey event for under 18’s. Many club scouts attend and many girls eventually end up playing for England in the Olympics.

We pulled back to 1-1 today, the game was tremendous but very, very physical. Niggling fouls had led to scuffles here and there, the referee was earning her corn today. Charlotte stormed through in the dying minutes and struck a shot from an acute angle. Straight into the ‘top bins’, the goalie had no chance. We all thought she had scored and we were in the final. We all went quite hysterical, the cheering was the loudest I have ever heard at our playing field, both teams were well supported by students, staff, parents, family and League Officials, who were there as invited guests and VIP’s.

Sadly there was an infringement and the goal was disallowed.

Oh my, it all kicked off, Charlotte went crazy, and hit the referee, then pushed her to the ground. The referee showed her the red card, she was sent off, but refused to go. She had a fight with the other team’s captain, and gave her a black eye. She wrestled with other match officials, and bit another player. A League Official tried to intervene, and excuse my language, but Charlotte screamed at her loudly….”What the fuck do you know you fat old cunt! Piss Off, what do you know about hockey anyway? You will never understand the game as long as you have a fucking wet hole in your fanny! Then she ran at the other team whirling the hockey stick over her head like a whirling dervish, screaming like a banshee. It degenerated into a riot, girls have been injured, quite badly. Hockey sticks are like Maori War Clubs in angry girls hands.

We have narrowly avoided Police intervention, but talk of private action being taken against us by their parents is loud and clear.

An instant decision was made, to placate the other school and League officials. We are disqualified and cannot enter for two years (appeal pending). Our School is in disgrace, the other school drove away in cars and coaches laughing and making fun of us….ohhh it is one of the worst days ever.

Charlotte has been calmed down, and sent to Miss Kenworthy, Head of Discipline. I cannot go near her, I would wring her bloody neck! I have rang and told her to punish her and humiliate her! But to leave her for me to deal with later. I needed to calm down. I am going to have tea with my secretary Brigitte and use calm sensible thought and her calming judgement.

Miss Kenworthy has punished her many times and is sat looking at her pages in the punishment book, waiting.

There is a knock on the door, and in walks Charlotte, upon Miss Kenworthy’s invitation to enter.

Miss Kenworthy smiles, and shakes her head. “I told you that you would end up disgracing yourself and the school one day didn’t I?”

“Yes Miss Kenworthy.”…::sigh::…”You did.”

“Well you have let yourself down, the school down, and your team mates down. I am going to punish you now, but this will not end here. You will be dealt with again towards the end of the afternoon, by Mr.Jones, he is calming himself down, he never punishes in anger, and I expect he will use reason and thought. For now, you will stay here, in disgrace. I think the whole school needs to calm down.” Miss Kenworthy said thoughtfully and calmly.

She was right, the school was rife with rumours of expulsion and staff arguments.

Charlotte of course was now wishing she had not lost control, and looking quite forlorn. But inside she had equated the situation, it was not a foul and she was quite pleased with her performance, and the aftermath. She resigned herself to her fate, she was a tough cookie, and was willing to face the consequences. It was time to look forlorn, say the right apologetic words, say how she felt she was fighting for the injustice against her school etc etc

Miss Kenworthy stood and gave her another talking too, her finger wagging like a wooden toy on a garden windmill.

If you cannot do the time, then do not do the crime. Charlotte took a deep breath, it was time to go into another battle, her bare bottom was undoubtedly going to lose.

“Give me your hockey stick….don’t look so scared, I am not going to use it on your bottom, although by the sounds of it, you deserve it!”

Miss Kenworthy placed it on the punishment desk, that Charlotte had sat at on many occasions.

It was going to be a long afternoon, thought Charlotte, it always was when she used dramatics to prepare someone for punishment.

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  1. Hmmm, girls hockey, one of my favorite topics! Images of short pleated skirts, aertex tops and gym-knickers spring to mind (navy-blue of course!). Charlotte’s behaviour does seem to warrant severe punishment!! I’m looking forward to the next installment of this story .

  2. Your e-mail comes up as ‘why is gold yellow’…..I presume you are trying to scam me or something, so ignored you and deleted it. For every real reply there are 50 stupid ones, and with a name like that etc etc I am sure you understand why I have not replied to your first one…..was it the one saying this is not realistic and could never happen?

    Well, this is a fantasy story, and in the place in the story, it can.

    Sorry for the confusion….asa

  3. Are the red gym knickers a new addition ? Has Kate worn them yet?
    A superb storyline by the way …hopefully a part two will be uploaded soon?

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