The Incident Log of Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls – Incident No-5 ~ The Hockey Match Riot – Part 4

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“Just to your knees will be enough, get over the flogging stool.” Miss Kenworthy’s tone changed, as she walked to Charlotte’s other side. Things instantly became more serious, the spanking was imminent.

Charlotte bent over as told, she did not need guidance, this was quite a familiar sequence, but never almost naked! She pushed her bottom out, and even though Miss Kenworthy had seen it many times, she paused to take in the beauty of it. Charlotte smiled to herself knowingly.

Resting her palm on the left magnificent full cheek, Miss Kenworthy was ready to deliver the first of thirty good hard crisp smacks with her hand.

And then it began, no slow build up, but full force from the off…..SMACK!






The smacks echoed around her study being chase by squeals.

Miss Kenworthy studied the effects on her bottom for a short while. “Hmmmm.”

Deciding it was not near red enough to change over to the plimsol, she gave her some more….smack smack smack smack! Fatser!

Her cheeks danced a fine little jig under the blows!


It was hurting more that Charlotte remembered it did, and she began to squeal louder and longer…..”Yeeeeeoowwwwwwwwww! Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww! ….”

“Ooooooh…ooooh….ohhhh!” Charlotte squealed as she thought ‘Bloody hell, that was a stinger!!’

Miss Kenworthy left Charlotte bent over with the sunlight kissing her red cheeks, and went to take a plimsol off of her rack. “This is the thickest rubber sole of all.” She announced.

“Charlotte watched Miss Kenworthy reach for it, and despite the burning pain she smiled as she watched her bottom go tight against her dress.”

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8 thoughts on “The Incident Log of Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls – Incident No-5 ~ The Hockey Match Riot – Part 4

  1. I think humiliation is a very important part of punishment and it appears Miss Kenworthy does too! Imagine being sent to Miss Kenworthy for punishment then hearing her say the words strip everything off, then seeing her smug grin as she looks you over before your slippering !

  2. VERY HOT! Thank you for starting my day off with images & words that will stay with me, keep me aroused ALL Friday (until I can get back home and “take matters in hand”)!

  3. Oh you are welcome jean Marie, Charlotte asks for a picture in return, but I said it is unlikely you would send her one….I did say the right thing didn’t I?

  4. The lighting in these pictures is phenomenal, especially in the last one – The sharp contrast between dark and light almost makes it look like a papercut (I don’t really know how familiar you are with this art form — In Germany it’s called ‘Scherenschnitt’ (scissor cut) and traditionally done in only black and white, e. g.
    But back to that last picture of yours: Miss Kenworthy, engulfed in black and reaching for the plimsoll, undoubtedly is the awe-inspiring centre. Nonetheless, the highlight for me is — how else could it be — Charlotte’s perfectly stuck-out bottom which in spite of the setting’s overall dusk glows in a soft pink and truly comes into its own in front of the white light streaming in through the window. What more is there to wish for?

  5. Thank you Mr.D, what a wonderful comment you have made. I looked at the link and I see what you mean. I hope to see you make comments again.

  6. The scene is very atmospheric; you almost feel you are in the room with them and will be the next to be punished after Charlotte. Miss Kenworthy is clearly a highly effective disciplinarian and I would be nervous in the same room with her. Charlotte exudes sensuality as her beautiful bottom reddens.

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