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Unusual name hasn’t he? But if you think of what we share you can work it out. This will be page one, here you will find his bio, his art, and his stories. As he grows he will get more pages, but not yet, because as he develops they would just be blank.


AI = Artificial Intelligence…..there is nothing artificial about this chap’s intelligence. A true spanking devotee, he does this very modern art, all self taught. He writes stories, and he spanks naughty girls for real. And more, as you will see on his other page, (directions to that later.)

I feel very fortunate, I posted a photo of Charlotte being spanked in jeans, on ‘X’, and within days its views and likes etc had gone mad, people were writing to me….”more please, there is not enough spanking of the female clothed bottom”.

So I am addressing that!

As always, I listen to what my followers say, so I went of to investigate, a few were okay, but then….almost secret and modestly tucked away, in the gentle shadows of ‘X’ was this man. I approached him and he agreed to be my latest contributor, to learn more about him, read his work, and visit his school, click on ‘Links and Contributors’ in the menu bar at the top of this page, then click on ‘Contributors’ and scroll down to his page.

But in here, it is his art, and stories, sit back, relax, and enjoy the glory of the bottoms he creates. First of all though, you need to know a little about him, I asked him to write a bio for me…


I have been asked whether I would write a small bio for the site. Well here goes. I am pretty ordinary really, in my fifties with a job I love and an interest in female CP that has been with me for just about forever. 

I have often questioned myself about how the interest in spanking began. I know many put it down to an early experience that some how moulds us.  For me it’s been there forever. Like many I used to hunt out phrases in books or comics and marvel at some of the westerns where a spanking scene was mixed with comedy. The heroine spanked soundly by the hero… we all recognize that I am sure. 

I grew up in a very loving and liberal household and the schools I attended never used any form of corporal punishment, so to be catapulted where I am today took two different people both had a massive influence on my spanking life. One of these people was my very own sister. 

We moved to a new area and she attended an all girls school. A school that used CP effectively. She managed to get the slipper on her first week there. She is only a few years younger than me and being a bit of a tomboy back then she easily bound to get into trouble at some point. 

She was caught smoking on the way home from school. And was told she would be slippered the following morning along with her friend. The friend called for her the following morning looked as worried as my sister and watching two plump tightly trousered bottom walk down the garden path that day knowing that a slipper would be landing shortly is an abiding memory.

They were slippered and my sister told me about it in great detail. I should have guessed then she was a spanking enthusiast too lol. She would tell me about her punishments and that of her friends. These memories have spurred me on to write a few stories which are pretty much factual. The photos I produce are based on some of those stories and on the uniform of her home counties school. She’s still a spanking and is in a DD relationship and is regularly “Dealt with”. 

About this time I started keeping a notebook with jottings and a few stories. Nothing to profound but just my thoughts on female CP and interesting facts I came across. This book was accidentally discovered by a family friend who was a good bit older than me. She became a big influence on my spanking life. I won’t say too much on her here  but I have written an account of events that explain why she became important. I will send that on to Asa for inclusion 

By my mid twenties I was firmly planted within the spanking world. I had been honest in all my relationships and it was never a problem, in fact quite the opposite. I put all my girlfriends over my knee at some point and never had a single complaint. Eventually I met my wife, the love of my life and a real soulmate. We entered into a DD marriage that worked like a dream. I have never believed in controlling someone and I would never want to stifle someone’s spirit. We just believed I should take the lead and that if she deserved a spanking , she got one …. She got plenty lol. Very sadly I lost her in a tragic accident. I was heartbroken and never really got over it. Happy memories now but it was hard. 

CP and spanking then of course took a back seat and I threw myself into my work in the heritage sector. Part of my work was as a photographer and that inadvertently led back to spanking. A friend who was model was asked to do some spanking work and asked me to take a few photos of her to send to the magazine. 

She never took the assignment but it gave me a new found interest. I also acted as her disciplinarian. This wasn’t planned but did lead to other requests from ladies that need a fair but firm hand. I still see some of those today. I have made lifelong friends through this interest, something I am extremely grateful for. 

Some of the people I have met through spanking have been fascinating to say the least. Sisters, ladies from the WI, a rich Italian gentleman with a yacht that had an all  female crew who were regularly spanked on deck!, Girls at uni who need help studying and a very famous actress who will have to remain nameless. 

I converted a room at home into a 1950’s Headmaster’s study. That gets regular use with miscreants stood outside eating for “Six of the Best””.  I also have part ownership of a livery yard. The girls there have all felt the slipper recently. So all in all spanking is still a big part of my life. 

My other great spanking love is collecting factual accounts. I am lucky as my job gives me access to many records that the public would not see. I have found many punishment books over the years. Mostly from schools but also a couple from finishing schools. It’s amazing how many females felt the slipper and cane across their bottoms. One of my late friends was a Headmistress who gave me loads of information and instances of the use of CP. The slipper I still use today was the one she used in her girls school. It has an amazing pedigree lol. 

I would like you to add these accounts are historical. I definitely believe spanking is only for consenting adults. Spanking in schools was banned. That was a good thing. 

So to finish, I am still very much involved in the spanking world in my small way. The last spanking I gave was at the weekend.  I still act as a disciplinarian to people I like and that will continue as long as I am good at what I do. If a woman needs her bottom smacking then it should happen but if she needs some understanding and someone to talk to instead I will be there for that to. 

I am having great fun on the site and will add more stories and pics when I can. The AI is in its infancy but I am getting there and I am beginning to be able to manipulate images which wasn’t possible a few months ago, so watch this space. 

I am happy to answer any questions and am happy to be contacted as everyone here seems to be so nice. 

Best wishes 



As you know, I like my football. This reminds me of a scout, finding a brilliant player in a Sunday League Amateur Side, I bring him back here to my League Two Side, (I know m place on the internet and am happy with it!)

He will grow, and get noticed, and probably a bigger blog, or site, maybe even a publisher wanting covers for books (like I do with my photos) will pluck him away. I won’t mind at all, good look to them all, (I am just a humble stepping stone).

But for now, lets enjoy his work on here…

THE ART OF TRAD CP (scroll down for his stories)


He sends me the photos in batches, I pick my favourite three. Why not join in, and pick your top three?…just click on ‘comment’, you have to put you e-mail address in, but only me can see it, and I might write back….if you do not want me to write, just say so in your comment, and make me feel sad and unwanted!….lol


Batch One…











My favourite!!!!


A very close second favourite, I love how the heat of her spanked bottom is shining through….inspired!










My third favourite…it is the line of the cheeks…..superb!

Batch Two…..I will pick my top three from these too, so please join in.


I hope to count votes each month and next year we will have a calendar with comments by me on the monthly winners.

Batch votes so far…



1/3 -1


1/5 -2









In the event of a draw, I choose.


NUMBER ONE… Sharon is Caught Smoking

Click here…

Story Number Two

Click here…

Asa’s Note…

Like all my pages, they change and develop, so bookmark your favourites and come back often.

8 thoughts on “Artist Number – 63 ~ TradCP

  1. Oh TradCP or whatever – brilliant – how though can one make a choice, please Asa can I have them all

    Ok – vertical stripes with the bookcase in the background sent me a flutter then there was the other one and then and then another and………

    No I shall have to go and lie down for a while

    Trad CP or whatever this is brilliant – ok technology he’ll but I know a guiding hand is neede and an imsginarive mind too is necessary – brilliant

    Er, can we have some more

  2. More! More! Who do you think you are? Oliver Twist?

    Of course you can, it is all in the plan of the emporiums maze, hopefully in batches of 10’s or 12’s and I will count the votes up, top one each month can go on our 2025 TradCP Calendar for 2025….with a caption, each from a competition for you all to enter.

  3. Hard choice – all good images, but the three that stand out for me are:
    – 1/12 – lovely use of military uniform, and a pose that looks like a real action pose, bending to pick up a toolbox perhaps?
    – 1/19 – the combination of old wartime style look, a perfect bottom shape, and high waisted trousers – excellent
    – 1/20 – shorts must have ended up in a hot wash, just that bit too tight for her and it must be embarassing having her bum cheeks peeking out the bottom of the shorts.

    And a special mention for 1/3 – apart from the great anticipation it sets up (imaging what the rear view would be), it also feeds into a particular kink of mine for seeing women on the toilet – if the trousers and knickers were down by her knees and the background was a toilet, that would be perfect for me.

    Also 1/10 – Letting my imagination run wild, after PE there is a music lesson, and I would use the girls bottoms to demonstrate tom-tom rhythms (Lion King anyone?).

  4. From a technical point of view, what is particularly impressive is the attention to detail, with great material textures, and creases in clothes, both ironing marks, and natural creases caused by shape and position, all exactly where you would expect to find them.

    I don’t underestimate the amount of work that must have gone into getting these just right.

  5. Thank you all for the comments!!!! I couldn’t pick a favorite myself but fair to say many are based on people I know. Plenty more to come to.

  6. 1.Very nice,realistic and highly reminiscent of
    those big bottomed young ladies we see in our day to
    day lives-and dream of spanking.
    18.Again for similar reasons,also her hair in a bun gives
    the impression of a rather stylish young lady.
    I wonder who’s guest she is in that elegant room?
    20.Drum tight shorts on a magnificent rear,always a
    winner for me.

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