A little note to my contributors…

Hello all of you. Some great stuff coming from you all, I am indeed privileged to have such people who are happy to keep sending stuff. Not just the writers but the photographers too.

I have just set two more on, one is going to write some tales from the School Caretaker, and the other is TradCP.

Be patient with me, as the number of contributors grow, my time gets just a little more stretched. I will endeavor to keep things going just as they are.

Time for a rain check…are you all feeling happy with the way you are being treated and your work being handled?

Either write an e-mail or just add a comment to let me know.


I would find it hard to say no to any aspiring spanking author, and it is lovely to help you on your way to a publisher, or just to have you here as you are. The day will come when I have to say I am full, but not yet.

However….those of you here now need to be treated special, not to feel as if my time for you is being cut, or not getting the attention you need. I promise to try to keep you happy and feeling valued.

As such…..I will be more selective of any further new ones. Just to be fair to the wonderful people here.

So Asa Jones Spanking Writers Club is growing. I have noticed that using my girls names helps you get more comments, feel free to use any. I will shoot for stories now too. I think that TradCP might be tempted to make art for your stories, and maybe Chromlech too.

Fancy a challenge? Are you looking for ideas? Well….look at TradCP’s art, I would like it to be inspiring for you, so any short story using his art is welcome, and if you have your own site, just give him a wink if you publish his work.

DON’T FORGET THAT CONTRIBUTORS ARE AUTOMATICALLY A CLUB MEMBER, so use the suggestions pages, the tea room etc etc to swop e-mail addresses etc and get to know each other.

Forgot a password? Then mail me.


Thanks again.