‘Laura’s Spanking Adventures Continue’, by The Spanking Dutchman

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.. It was December and the young ladies at the Finishing School had been working hard under the strict discipline regime.

Laura had recovered from her three experiences of “finishing school discipline”

First, after the slapping incident during hockey, Mr Burton had slippered her in front of the hockey team, her ‘Buckingham Green’ gym slip raised and navy-blue knickers on display against the white painted wall of the changing rooms with the whole team stood in an arc around the spanking.

He had completed that punishment privately, in his study, later in the day, sending for her from the gym, with her just in her P.E. Vest, blue knickers and grey sports socks, with a further bare bottom slippering and six strokes of the heavy tawse!

Second, she had received six swats of Mr Jones slipper, skirt raised and navy knickers again on display in front of the biology class, over a desk, for “inattentiveness”. Laura was firmly of the opinion that this was undeserved.

Thirdly, she had received a “six-of-the-best” caning in Mr Jones office, knickers down. This for further inattentiveness!

The after effects of each punishment had been curiously exciting, but having to bend over, knickers down, in front of two different male teachers had been acutely embarrassing. Not an experience she wanted to repeat.

By December she was trying to forget all about it and recover her “good girl” status.

More to come…


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