A little request for help from my club….

Hello Club Members…

I am asking for a little help, if you cannot, it does not matter at all….you know my mantra and motto by now….’No pressure, not ever, not from me…”

No money needed….::chuckle::….the only money I would ever ask for is a contribution to model fees etc at one of my events.

Mind you, I do seem to be spending money like it is going out of fashion, the St.Trinians style outfits are coming on, I have just took delivery of gym slip extra bits, blouses, six strap suspender belts, and seamed stockings. I am now building walls around the classroom, lounge, bedroom and dungeon. Which I do not mind funding at all, but £200 does not buy much wood.

No, it is definitely not money, it’s my studio and it is up to me to make it as good as I can, I am happy with that.

What I want is little bits of stuff…things to hang on the wall, like old class photos of girls in gym slips, the big long Girl’s School photos, charts for education……vintage only in everything. I seem to have enough knickers and plimsols, a few flat black or brown shoes size 4-6 would be nice, maybe an implement or two extra would be good, girls hats, frilly knickers, bloomers, vests, sports equipment, a martinet, a professionally made birch…..that type of thing, any sort of apparatus to bend over or tie a girl to….lol….PROPS basically,….old spanking magazines, braces for a headmaster outfit, a trilby….old text books, old pens, ooooh anything, size small or 8-10 dresses, skirts etc, you know what I mean!..basically, IF YOU ARE OUT SHOPPING AND SOMETHING AFFORDABLE SHOUTS SPANKING AT YOU….buy it and send it! Ideally Vintage!

Use your imagination, let my photos and sets get better and better, the more you donate, the better m photos will be. Just think of a spanking image….and buy something to help me make it real….girl guides, salvation arm hats, victorian style blouses and long skirts…..you know what I mean!

As we would say around here…..’Owt will do, so long as it’s spanking related!”

I am not into bright pink fluffy implements! It has to be real.

So one last time….vintage rules….or at least vintage looking

The address is on our main page.

Do your best for me, I want to create spanking magic! And I need some help.