Photo Set 505

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You have probably noticed that every now and again, I like to put one of ‘my girls’ in a school uniform, and smack their bottom as they crawl.

Today it is Kate’s turn in her green gingham school summer dress..

She crawls along the old mill floor to the door…

…around the corner

…down the stairs

And back down to my study…(she didn’t really, we stopped here, I was scared of her rolling down!)


5 thoughts on “Photo Set 505

  1. Interesting concept and one I hadn’t really considered before, but I like it. Maybe you could have got Kate to crawl backwards down the stairs for safety.

  2. I would love too, but they cost money and I am not rich.Any donations are welcome, size 8-10. But I am on the case, and am slowly buying stuff….bit by bit.Thanks again for your input.

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