NewsBulletin -3 ~ from Broadley Bottom College for Girls…

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I have been chatting to my friend, the Headmaster of Broadley Bottom College for Girls, again, we either mail, text, phone,or chat in a CP Chatroom. I believe he and his staff are as busy disciplining naughty girls as we are here at Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls.

What a week he has had!

It was History Enactment Week, and during the past week his girls have turned up in all sorts of outfits, to put on little plays, take part in ‘living’ dioramas, do dance, sing, play music, and so on. Of course, as always, naughty girls just cannot help themselves! There have been spankings galore!

These two girls did an enactment of ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’ and mutiny was the right word. A teacher corrected their dates, their accents, and many of the facts. It appears all they had done for research was watch a film, (not paying too much attention) whilst drinking rum to ‘get into the spirit’. They reacted to her criticism badly, by having a swearing tantrum! To top it all, she found their rum in their lockers at school, after smelling it on their breath.

How the rest of their year giggled when both were soundly spanked before them on the excellent set the non teaching staff had put together!

A lot of girls did Bronte, because it is on the curriculum for English Literature. Some of them got into trouble for showing their bottoms on the stage at lunch, whilst a girl filmed it for social media! Luckily it was found and deleted before it became a scandal. My friend got them all at the front of the school at assembly, and did a sort of history lesson! He told them of the conditions in the Victorian Schools and cited ‘Oliver Twist’ asking for more at his workhouse. He told them of the birch.

Imagine how the girls were feeling when he said…”I am going to demonstrate one in use, on the bottoms of these stupid girls who think that showing their own bare bottoms to the world is a good idea! I have made one fresh, cutting the twigs myself this very morning!”

In the period style Assembly Hall, he said it looked very authentic and the rest of the girls cheered wildly! Here are the offenders…

Whilst the staff and students were distracted, two of the naughtiest girls in school skipped off to town to do a spot of shopping and had lunch! But in their Sports Kits, really? Everyone knew where the were from, and a mother of a girl who knows them rang the school….A very public spanking on the main street followed, and their bottoms were smacked all the way back to the school gates!! Much to the towns amusement, and it was said that when they got home, their squeals as they got the hairbrush from Mummy and Daddy were so loud they could be heard in the adjoining streets!

During the enactments, two girls dreamed up their own line dancing routine to a tune from ‘Calamity Jane’. And a calamity it was, when both blamed each other for colliding in to one another, and ending up having something akin to a shoot out at the OK Coral at lunch. I must say, the outfits are jolly good and the girls put some effort in…all of them.

My friend says that the do have their good points, and he usually sees them pointing up at him when he has his plimsol in his hand! He is very amusing!

There were organised visits and trips all week, and one girl disgraced herself at the trip to the workhouse. She got caught smoking after setting the alarms and sprinklers off, damaging some expensive displays. He said her bottom was so red, that even after she pulled her trousers up the colour could be seen through her knickers and white trousers. She got 12 of the best, with the senior cane, after first having two dozen of the plimsol!

As we were talking, he said he had to go. A girl had stolen the homework from another and copied it, mistakes and all. he was about to punish her before the girl she had stole it from. He left the phone off the hook, and I listened. My word, that man knows how to deliver a spanking!

Anyway, I must be off, Kate, Charlotte and Samantha have been caught smoking again, ahhh, here the are! Bye for now.

more to come…


7 thoughts on “NewsBulletin -3 ~ from Broadley Bottom College for Girls…

  1. The images are certainly striking. I still prefer photos of real girls getting real spankings but these are very strong runners up.

  2. Fantastic pictures and storyline again. Those two girls in the shorts who are bent over in some sort of conflab have no idea I am so close behind them ogling their gorgeous bottoms.

    The spanking bloomers (if that is what they are) are also very exciting. I have a request for TradCP having seen those. Are you able to create victorian drawers, both covering a girls bottom and drawn aside for a spanking?

  3. Thanks again for the great comments. These institutions will strive for excellence I am sure. Misbehaving young ladies will be firmly dealt with in the old fashioned manner.

  4. These are truly a delight, such artistry and imaginative too

    So thanks – all a balm to the everyday toils…..

    Ho, ho ho

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