Another new Contributor… ‘Tales from the Caretaker’s Room’

Every school needs a caretaker, or if you are in the U.S. etc a Janitor. Well, a new spanking friend Mike has sent me a story about one. So…because it is about a caretaker spanking a school girl, (he has chosen Kate.) I will call his stories…

Tales From the Caretakers Room’

They might not all involve the caretaker, but I think I will work it, so that the caretaker is recounting his memories of what he has seen and heard over his ears of service at the school

Kate is playing Sally, it suits her, she looks like she would be a good Sally. I am going to use a couple of my stock photographs, but hope to take some of the caretaker in the story, spanking the naught girl. I think they would be unusual.


Number 1

The Caretakers Tales ~ The first spanking I ever gave a girl…

Sally was a good girl, mostly. Unlike some of the others in the sixth form at Grangely Grammar School for girls, she was always punctual, did her homework on time, and whilst she wasn’t a high flyer, she did well enough in coursework and exams to not be a concern to her teachers or parents. She had responsibility, as a prefect, to be a good role model for the younger girls, and also to keep them out of trouble, but only by giving them lines, or on rare occasions detention. For anything more serious than using the wrong entrance, or spending too long in the toilet at break and being late for the next lesson, she had to refer them to a teacher.

She was often in the Headmaster’s Study for praise, or being asked to run an errand.

She did, however, have one weakness. When she was in the lower sixth, her friend Lucy had got her into smoking. Not in a massive way, just the occasional secret cigarette behind the trees at the bottom of the school field, or behind the bins near the kitchen, or even a couple of times, in a classroom after school.

Lucy had left at the end of the last term, not because of getting into trouble, but just because her mother had changed jobs and so the family moved away. Sally really missed Lucy, and missed the secrets they had together, not just the smoking, but also all intimate things they talked about. She did carry on smoking though, which she enjoyed mostly because of the idea of just being able to get away with something naughty, to be a bit of a rebel.

It was during Friday lunchtime when Sally finally came unstuck. She had been to lunch early and could have gone for a walk into town. Instead though, she went round the back of the school behind the kitchens to her usual place behind the big commercial bins and sat down on a couple of milk crates, next to the huge industrial charcoal grey bin, then got a cigarette out and lit it, and drew on it with pleasure.

Great pleasure, the smell, the taste, and the answering call to the tempting voice of nicotine…..”Mmmmmmm, oh I needed that!” Said Kate.

She had only had a couple of drags when she heard someone coming and hastily put the cigarette on the ground and stamped it out. It was the caretaker, who looked surprised when he saw her, and said, “Oh sorry Miss, I just need to take these milk crates away. Why are you round the back here by yourself?” Then he noticed the smell of the smoke and spotted the cigarette butt. “Oh, I see now. You thought you would have a crafty fag out of sight. Sorry Miss, but I am going to have to report you to a teacher. What’s your name?”

Sally thought about giving a false name then realised that would probably backfire so she said “Sally Roberts, but please don’t report me, it is only one cigarette”. 

“I have to Miss, sorry, it’s part of my job to watch out for any kinds of problems or trouble. You will probably only get detention for a first offence. Best to stop now though, as there was a girl who got permanently excluded three years ago for repeated smoking and encouraging other girls to smoke”.”Surely you can overlook it. I promise to stop and I will even clean up all my cigarette butts from here”.”Ah, interesting, so not a first offence then. That gives me no choice really”.  “But if I get a detention my parents will know, and they will kill me if they find out I am a smoker, they are always going on about it”.

She tried to look as sorry as she could.

“Well then you know why it is a bad idea. I tell you what I can do, I can deal with this myself and then no-one will need to know. You will have to cooperate though, or I will report you officially”.

“Yes, I will clean up, and tidy this area if it helps”. Proffered Sally.

“Thanks for the offer Sally, but I don’t need help clearing up, this area is the kitchen staff’s responsibility anyway, and I don’t think that would be enough of a disincentive to stop you smoking again. No, what you need, young lady is some good old fashioned correction”. The Caretaker said with a serious voice and matching frown.

Sally frowned herself, and hesitated, then she asked “What do you mean by old fashioned correction?”

“I mean the sort of discipline that teachers aren’t allowed to use any more, but is very effective. A proper punishment that doesn’t take long but has a lasting effect. What you need, Sally, is a good spanking.”

“What – you must be joking, surely that isn’t allowed any more”. Sally said with what almost a laugh.

“No, it isn’t, which is why it has to be unofficial, but I am not joking.”

“That’s absurd, I am not going to agree to be spanked by you or anyone else”, and at that Sally started to walk away.

“Don’t be too hasty young lady. It’s your choice of course. You can walk away now and I will put in the report at the end of today, or you can get this over and done with quite quickly with no need for teachers or your parents to know. As I say, it’s up to you.”

Sally paused and turned around “What exactly do you have in mind?”

“Well, when is your next free period?”

“Tomorrow morning, 10 until 10:45. Why?”

“If you come to my room at 10, then it can all be over by 10:30 and you can forget all about it after that, providing you don’t do it again of course”.

“And if I agree then you won’t report me ever?” Sally said looking for confirmation.

“If you don’t get in trouble again, then I won’t report you. I can promise you that.”

Sally thought about it, about how ridiculous it sounded, and how embarrassing it would be if she went through with it, but then the alternative would be humiliating in a different way.

 “Alright” she said “I will do it. Can I go now?”

“Of course. See you tomorrow at ten then”.


That night Sally tossed and turned in her bed, worrying about it, but also strangely curious about how it would turn out. She only finally got to sleep when she put her hand inside her pajama bottoms and played with herself until she came, as quietly as she could manage. 


Next day:

The caretaker looked up from his pile of invoices at the clock and saw that Sally was already five minutes late. He carried on with the paperwork and eventually there was a tentative knock at the door. “Come in,” he called.

The door opened slowly and in walked Sally, looking smarter than yesterday in her uniform. Looking a bit sheepish, Sally spoke “Sorry that I’m a bit late, it took me a while to get here after my first lesson”.

 “And why is that? I saw you go into room 6b at 915 and I heard the bell go at 10. It’s only just at the end of this corridor.”

“I know, but I went to the loo on the way”.

“And the senior girls toilets are right next door to here, so that doesn’t explain why you are ten minutes late.”

Sally didn’t answer but shuffled her feet and looked down.

“Since you didn’t have the courtesy to tell me you would be late then I need an explanation young lady”. Demanded the irate caretaker.

“I didn’t know so I couldn’t tell you beforehand”.

“No, . I know all you prefects have my number in case of problems that need fixing urgently. You could have texted me from the loo But why did you take so long?”

Sally mumbled something unintelligible.

“What, speak up girl, I’m sure your teachers don’t put up with mumbled answers”

Sally looked up and her face was blushing “Well if you must know, I went to the loo for a wee, but ended up having a nervous poo as well”.

“Ah, now that explains things, but doesn’t excuse it. We will have to revise your punishment a little”.”What do you mean?” Sally said, and then added hopefully, “will it just take longer?”

“No, I think half an hour is long enough, but after the skirt and knicker spanking you will pull down your knickers and be spanked on your bare bottom”.

Sally then became indignant.”No way. Are you some kind of pervert? That wasn’t what we agreed”. She turned and went to walk out but hesitated, thinking of the consequences of being reported.

“What we agreed on was a spanking at Ten. You have broken your side of the bargain, so I am afraid the rules have changed a little. So, are you going to cooperate or not?” He said in a matter of fact way.

Sally groaned and eventually said “alright, but under protest.

I am going to do a photo shoot for the caretaker spanking, so it will be a wait before part two.


I am going to do a photo shoot for the caretaker spanking, so it will now be a wait before part two

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