The Naughty Gibson Girl Has to Pay ~ Punishment 2 – Bent Over as a Schoolgirl…

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Each time we made her pay for the mistreatment of Mr.Gibson in the past, we gave her bottom time to rest. We could spy on her in the room we had imprisoned her in, and it soon became evident that she was a highly developed, sexuall hungry, young woman.

I was watching her masturbate at least twice a day, it was also evident that the whole process of capture, imprisonment, use, and punishment, excited her beyond her previously known barriers.

We left her pleasure equipment from her day, purchased from an erotic antiques collector I know, made of polished wood and stuffed leather.

We also left her a steel collar which she kept polished with pride, and when it was punishment time, she greeted us accordingly.

I would collect her, on opening the stout oak door after looking through the copper grill, she would crawl to me like a pet dog, to beg for a walk. But in her case, it was to beg for pain, on her bottom. Her much needed punishment.

I would lead her through the mill, up the cold ill lit stairs and into the punishment room.

Whereupon I would leave her for Mr.Gibson.

Today he had asked that she would greet him as a naughty school girl, struggling to touch her toes, as she waited for the cane to land.

I put her in the usual uniform, and put her in position, located in the classroom. It was cold, I could just see my breath.

I turned as I left, feeling quite envious of what Mr.Gibson would do to her, but he deserved his revenge after his years of torment from her, back in the past, and wished him good luck.

I turned and looked at her bottom, this was my view, and left, gently shutting the door. I met Mr.Gibson on the stairs, carrying a long bamboo cane, made of the slow growing type, with may raised rings throughout its length, it would be very painful.

He nodded, said thank you, and went to the door.

I coughed. He turned, and I asked….”How many?”

He looked at me coldly, and said matter of factly…”Thirty Six.”

We turned and went our own separate ways, until the next time

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3 thoughts on “The Naughty Gibson Girl Has to Pay ~ Punishment 2 – Bent Over as a Schoolgirl…

  1. Ah one is running late in catching up – so what a start to the week not just a Gibson Girl but a ‘Naughty Gibson Girl’, naughty and clearly enjoying herself in being naughty and being caught naughty out in every aspect

    actually us to too enjoying ourselves – well i speak myself………………….did i say ‘naughty’

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