Photo Set 510 – Boarding School Punishments ~ Samantha – Part 1

This is going to go on for ages, each of my girls in ‘posh’ boarding school uniform, being spanked/punished in various ways.

I run a Merit/de-Merit Disciplinary System. Every classroom has a box, and lots of merit slips, all the girls can have a form popped in at any time. On a Thursday, all the slips are logged by my Discipline Assistant. A girl might have five merits, with various house points, totalling up to 25. But if she has one de-merit, for being in trouble, and it adds to 25 or more, it means a spanking on a Friday afternoon. Any total of points can be given, either +ve or -ve.

I find it very sexy to think of upper crust, privileged school girls, with crisp English accents attending very strict boarding schools, where their pampered little bottoms are punished quite frequently. I will appear on some as their teacher or parent, but these will be club posts only, for personal reasons. The rest, will be general blog pots, and plenty of them.

Friday is punishment time.Here is Samantha in her uniform…

“Stop there Samantha, turn around.” I say calmly.

“Yes Mr.Jones.”

She turns.

First of all a uniform inspection. Very nicely turned out. “Just keep a check on your House Sash, I know it is fashionable to wear them hanging down, but that is on the border of being too long. But it is okay. I am afraid you are in de-meri by fifteen points you naughty girl. It is your first time so a hand spanking on your knickers will suffice. It will not be hard, it will be a humiliation spanking. But after this, if you get into a minus again, the record book will show me exactly what stage you are at, and each will get more severe. Understand?”

Her facial expression changes to one of dismay. “Oh Gosh Sir, I am extremely sorry.”

Her bottom lip starts to quiver. “Now lets not be silly about this Samantha, you have been a naughty girl and a naughty girl gets her bottom punished. If you do not want a smacked bottom, then behave.”

She sniffs and fights the tears.

“Lets get this over with, I have fifteen more after you, kindly put you hockey stick and brief case over there by my desk….thank you!” I say smartly so as not to prolong her fear and dismay. The first time is always a shock, and very often does the trick.

“Stand here!” I point to the spot.

“Face the window.”

“Put your hands together as if in prayer, place them between your knees, bend over, and bend your knees.”

“Yes Sir.” Comes a shaky, nervous reply.

“I am going to raise your gym slip, do not wriggle or protest, if you do, I will take your knickers down, understood?”

“yes…..ooooh….Yes Mr.Jones.”

I give her six good smacks on each cheek. She makes the fuss of a first timer, but gets through it. Then it is time for her shock.

“Corner time is always, I repeat, always, with your bare bottom on show. Stand by my desk and lower you knickers to show your punished bottom. You will remain there until I say go. If anyone enters, anyone at all, you remain as you are, in disgrace….understood?”

“Awwww, sniff….awww, awww oooh….yes Sir, I’m sorry Sir, I will not be naughty again.”

“Time will tell dear. Over you go.”

She goes into position.

Within five minutes there is a knock and the next girl comes in. “Pull up your knickers Samantha, tidy your gym slip, and leave. I do not want to see you in here again. Understand?”

“Yes Sir.” She picks up her hockey stick and briefcase and leaves in a blushing flustered flurry.


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More to come.


3 thoughts on “Photo Set 510 – Boarding School Punishments ~ Samantha – Part 1

  1. Good to have a system, and it is right and proper that the points system is fair, there can be no (justifiable) complaints then. Glad to see Samantha is wearing the correct uniform in regards to stockings and suspenders.

  2. No need to write lots here just…..
    Totally agree with Fred above .
    Samantha, demure and exceedingly gorgeous

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