Boarding School Punishments (Two) ~ part 1

The idea of these are to put various combinations of my girls, in matching uniforms of the 1960’s, in various spanking poses. Part One featured Samantha, this one features two girls together, Charlotte and Samantha. We have a long long way to go…thats good news isn’t it?

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Today in the Study, at the Boarding School, we have two naughty girls together. Charlotte and Samantha. They have knocked on the door and I have shown them in. “Go to the desk please, stand side by side, facing the window.”

“Yes Mr.Jones Sir.” Says Charlotte, closely followed by Samantha giving the same answer, “Yes Mr.Jones Sir.”

“Your visits to my Study are getting too frequent Samantha, and it seems you are pulling Charlotte down to your level.” I say with disdain. “What have you go to say for yourselves?”

Another fruitless exercise in my opinion, no doubt some lengthy tale of woe, bad luck, and bad judgement will spill forth on to my Study carpet, making precious little difference to the final outcome, of two red bottoms!

True to form, both girls say that somehow they got on the wrong bus and ended up in the town centre in school uniforms by complete accident on the Wednesday Morning in question, and by the time they had worked out how to find the right one it was….

“Quiet!! Do you think me some kind of simpleton? I will listen no more. If you admit to playing truant on your birthday Samantha, …now, it will be ten with the plimsol on the bare, each! If I find out at a later date that you have been telling lies, I will cane you both before the whole school, ten strokes each on the bare, on the stage, over the vaulting horse, with no mercy…well? Turn around and face me!” I boomed.

“We went out on my birthday Sir.” Came the glum reply from a forlorn Samantha

“Wipe that silly smirk off of your face girl! There is nothing remotely funny about lying to your Headmaster. Let me warn you young lady, you are playing a dangerous game here. In my study a girl’s bottom is very vulnerable to feeling extreme pain! I should keep that in mind before you answer any more questions. Understand?”

Both girls hung their heads in shame, And replied again, in the same way.

“Yes Mr.Jones Sir.”

“Yes Mr.Jones Sir.”

Charlotte glared at her friend, she thought things were going from bad to worse!

They both began to twist their feet and fidget, unable to return my stare and not at all sure what exactly they should do now.

“So that is it? You admit your guilt, and own up to lying!”

“I am keeping my eyes on you two, I should think very hard before coming up with any other silly adventures. because let me tell you this, if…IF ever, you play truant again, I will take you both to where you spent your time, shopping mall, cinema, park….anywhere…. and thrash your bare bottoms before everyone! UNDERSTAND?”

“Yes Mr.Jones Sir, sorry Sir.”

“Yes we are very sorry Mr.Jones. Sir.”

“I sincerely hope you are, I am a busy man and have much more important things to do that punish naughty girls bare bottoms! Now turn around, face the window again.”

Both swallowed hard, nervously.

“I said now!”

They turned around. Sharply.

More to come…


11 thoughts on “Boarding School Punishments (Two) ~ part 1

  1. Yes, they are a pain, but it’s part of life nowadays, I don’t mind a few, but sometimes I get dozens on just one post…..You are right Jean Marie, it is lovely, and I am pleased to say that I very recently spanked it, and the way she wriggles trying to escape, coupled with the noises and protests, well…it is quite magical!

  2. My dear B, you can use as many of my photos as you like, you never have to ask, I would be honoured if ever you find some good enough for your stories xxhugxx

  3. Thank you Jean Marie, Charlotte and I are looking forward to your story! Glad you liked the video we sent you!

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