Asa’s Writing Competitions ~ Entries I want to share…

Congratulations! If your story appears here it means that I think it worthy of sharing with my followers. I hope you enter future ones too. I will probably organise art competitions too…eventually.

I hope this does not seem too presumptuous of me, after all, who am I to judge. But I assure you it is done in the right spirit, I am trying to help would be writers etc by sharing a space.

At the time of writing I get 3k views a day, so in a week that is 21k, in a month 84k and so on. Who knows who will read or look at your work. If this helps you in life I am happy…

Competition One

Based around a single photo of Charlotte over a high stool with Samantha looking on…

Click the links for entries I deem readable.

No-1 by ‘B’

No-2 by Eleanor

No- 3 by Keiter

A letter from Keiter

No-4 by Robyn

Competition Two

No-1 by Hawkeye

Competition Three

This has led to Jean Marie having her own page.

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