Various things! and…I touched 5000 visitors in a day for the first time….woo hoo!

This is actually for Asa Jones Spanking Club Members, but it is nice for the casual visitor to see what is going off, and what will be happening in the future.

There will be no comments to this post allowed I’m afraid, CLUB MEMBERS have their own way of responding.

Note to club members, without being too blunt, I am fed up of continual e-mails saying ‘what’s the password?’, ‘how do I get into the forum’, how do I e-mail other members, where are the photos for the ballet dancer and swimsuits shoots, mentioned in club postst?’ etc etc….so no e-mails about this post please, I won’t answer them, so from now on, unless its an e-mail between us discussing a story, a photo, an event or project between us etc, use the Club Main Page….it is why I spent many hours of my life creating it!!!

So go to the club page for information on all this below, and find out about…


The Re-Opening of the Studio and invites.

A bit of disappointment.

How to get to spank Charlotte and Kate within our club.

The all women school at our club.

New events team suggestion.

Spanking Parties.

and last but not least….The most beautiful model who loves spanking, and will take a long caning without limits, even in public, working for us.

So no e-mails about this, just go through the club channels which I have been telling you about regularly…. sarcasm, synicism? ME??? No, not from me….lol