Naughty Girls in Corner Time

Corner time does not actually mean a corner, it is any girl after a spanking, put somewhere on show.

This goes with ‘Red Bottomed Girls’, click here…

And ‘The Removal of Knickers in Preparation for a Spanking.’ Click here..

With other sets you will find here…

I have lots of photo sets and stories on here as you know, but I know that a lot of you want to look at categories, so to save you trawling through, I am making sections to suit, in the link above.

This will grow as time goes by, like everything else, but I will put alerts on my blog for you. Some will overlap of course, red bottoms and corner time for instance, I will try to put unused photos in. I take so many in a shoot, I always have lots of very similar ones!

Anyway, enough prattling on! I can do that in stories….

Two girls being put on show to the class as an example.
Even a Teacher can be naughty!
“Owwww!” …..”Ooooh!”
“Miss, they are shooting pellets and peas at our bottoms!”

“Oh yes, so they are. Now face the front or you will both get three more!”
My maids often end up doing corner time, especially before I spank them. I like to make them wait!

As much as I like putting any girl in corner time, or just on show, but you can’t beat putting a naughty schoolgirl in one!….

Damn it young lady! Do you want another four!? Turn around, put your nose to the wall, and keep that naughty bottom of yours pushed out!

…see the next two!
Stop shuffling! Put your nose to the sole of that plimsol, any more fidgeting and you will feel it across your bottom young lady!

Sometimes I make bloody stupid mistakes! See that photo above? I left one of my spanking paintings on the wall….I mean, what school would have that up…okay, yes, apart from mine I meant!

Every now and then I put a spanking show on for invited guests, I put pictures and art works of mine on sale…. this was a couple of days after, and I had forgotten to remove it….::groan::

It’s of a schoolgirl getting spanked naked in a quadrangle, and the caretaker is looking on most interestedly! ….::chuckle:…. I love the dirty world that my mind lives in…if only eh?

But let’s be honest, I bet you never even looked at it did you?

Cherry knows you are looking and zooming in on her bottom, and loves it!

And now you know why I call this girl Cheeky Cherry!

Of course, I grabbed her ear and pulled her back out of corner time then “spanked her again! I dragged her out by the ear, smacking her bottom every step to my chair, and spanked her twice as long and twice as hard!

Here is a set featuring Charlotte and her mummy…

At my studio…

Corner time at my studio means standing a girl anywhere in the building for ten minutes, people are used to it, even other women. I have asked and would not do it otherwise. They think it fun, and most give a little smack or five as they pass.

I also have the humiliation dress when needed!

No wonder the postman, reps, and visitors from other places on the site where my studio is, love to visit!

Back to the classroom….

I love to spank a girl at the end of a lesson, after having made them wait! Then I tell them to wait, until the next class comes in. Even if it is a set of first years.

Humiliation in corner time is wonderful, leave a girl like this, with a cane between her cheeks, and leave the room for five minutes. It has a sobering effect on the haughtiest of girls!

Two lovely pictures of Kate in corner time….

Next up is a series of Naughty Charlotte in corner time, each one with a description, where I think one might benefit…

“What!?!? I said do not rub! Get back here over my knee young lady, you are getting the exact same punishment again you disobedient girl!

The next three are views of a freshly spanked girl at the front of the class. Imagine how that feels, after a flurry of smacks and commotion, there you are, with a bare, sore, embarrassingly red, bottom on show. It hurts, but no sympathy is coming your way yet, teacher has told you not to rub, or else!

I bet she can feel the eyes staring at her bottom.

And the class, looking, imagine how it is for them. Maybe she is a rival, how satisfying is that? Or a bully…even more satisfying. Maybe you fancy here and you can drool over the view!


After being stood with her hands on her head, as an example to the first years, she was told to put her hands down.
At last, she is allowed to rub! They were a very good shot with their pea shooters!

Much more to follow!


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