Weeks in the life of Mrs.Pollard.

This story is somewhat chronological, it will do weeks in her life, each part will be a day. Not many will be quiet, all of them will involve the punishment of her naughty girls. Here she is, with her favourite ones…

I can say now, with a high degree of certainty, that Mrs.Pollard will settle into your spanking minds with great fondness. She is a strict, no nonsense sort of teacher, who dishes out punishments on naughty young ladies bare bottoms as easily as a ‘Black Jack’ dealer, gives out cards in a Las Vegas Casino. As a Headmistress, she controls all aspects of discipline, and to make things efficient, she does a lot of her work, (invoices, drafting letters, timetables and such), in the Detention Room. Usually after dishing out some form of punishment, as one or more girls are stood whimpering in corner time, or struggling to write lines, or long tedious essays, with their sore bottoms on hard desk seats.

What you don’t know yet, is what happens late on Friday afternoons.

You see, on Fridays, she spends the afternoon in her Study, dealing with the mass of paper work that being a Headmistress brings. She likes to go home for the weekend, knowing that she has left everything ‘just so’, ready for a fresh start. Often she works late into the evening, with the only academic member of staff being her. Basically she is alone in the school, apart from a few caretakers and cleaning staff pottering about here and there.

Now let’s be honest, so far, a Friday, does not sound very exciting. But, you have just got to be patient. All good things come to those that wait, so there is nothing for you to do, except let the time pass, until Friday. I think you will enjoy Friday’s, and not just because the weekend starts.

So here we go, another spanking story to unfold before you…



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This is in three parts.




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