‘Anticipation’, by Asa Jones

There is something about a naughty girl being told to come out to the front of the class. To see her squirm in embarrassment before friends and rivals.

Hoping that she might get a spanking! Some are loving it!

Let’s dwell on a typical scene…

The teacher, Mrs.Pollard is in full flow, telling the naughty girl off quite loudly. As the saying goes…’she is getting a good finger wagging’, or a ‘tongue lashing’.

The naughty girl, Charlotte, is doing her best to look sorry, but not too much as to make herself look silly before the class.

And what about those two shapely young ladies on the front row? Stephanie, the nearest, is wriggling in her seat in anticipation. I bet her pussy is twitching and feeling quite delightful as she pushes it to the hard seat repeatedly, especially as her friend, Samantha, sat next to her, has just whispered…”She’s going to get a spanking!”

Mrs Pollard has just said so you see.

And now, she has just told naughty Charlotte that it is going to be on her bare bottom, before the whole class.

Stephanie can hardly contain herself. I bet we all know what she will be thinking of tonight, in bed, as her fingers play.


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