Just to let you know, I am now on ‘X’

I used to have 7000+ followers on there (Twitter), but got booted off and lost them all. I have been allowed back on, my sentence ( a two year ban ) served….lol

Guilty m’lud!

I finally found out what got me booted off, not all the spanking photos I had, but in my profile picture I put a bare bottom, which was not allowed. All that work and contacts gone, for a bare bottom! Just one mistake and BOOM!!

Shit happens.

I like it on there because of all the contacts and I hope to track some old buddies down. I now have 1…yep! one follower!…lol

A long long way to go.

I am not going to be anywhere near as active as I was, but it is a nice way of directing people here, and it always was a fabulous place to track down obscure vintage stuff etc.

On there, I am Asa Jones @MrJones6ofbest

Come and find me if you like, I have links to Charlotte, Kate and Samantha and it is so easy to leave messages for them on there. So you might like it. I am not daft….You don’t come on for my ugly mug do you?…chuckle.

You come on for these three, who are all on there…

So even if you do go to ‘X’ for me, go and follow them, the deserve it.