The Inveigle – Chapter Eleven

Chapter 11: The birching of a latent young submissive

They walked downstairs, and on their way, through an open door, they saw two ‘Tease Maids’ getting a birching.

They stood and watched for a few minutes. They had learnt than an open door is an invitation to view, and a closed one asked for privacy. It was an excellent birching. They carried on their journey downstairs to Mummy Bears Parlour, and knocked on Mummy Bear’s door which opened to their knock.

The view through the open door.

The sight of the birching was more confirmation that they had arrived at the most perfect place in the world, and what followed, did just the same.

Prior to the two girls knocking on Abigail’s door, Abigail had been waiting for a naughty girl to knock on it. In her folded arms, as she stood, was a freshly made birch, made by the girl in question yesterday, and delivered to Abigail the night before. Constructed from supple twigs of ‘silver birch’, the girl, Anna had spent the afternoon plucking it free of leaves, binding the handle with cord, and making it look pretty with an ivory coloured silk ribbon bow around its shaft. It was, as instructed by Abigail, large enough to spread over both buttocks of her soft fine rump, (she had spanked it before) and long enough to allow a good healthy swing!

After a gentle knock, and a loud ‘Enter!’, the girl had stood before her for a reprimand.

Nearing the conclusion of her telling off, there was a happier, excited knock on the door. Abigail knew who it would be. “Just a minute!”

The reprimand was almost over, and Abigail told the girl to stand by the wall, and went to let the girls in.

“Oh hello my lovelies, just sit you both down over there for a minute or two, I’m almost ready to have a chat with you. I’ve just a few things left to attend to. I’ll be back in a minute or so.

She left the room! with birch still in her arms and opened the front door, beckoning a small boy up to her who had been standing at the bottom of the front steps. She spoke to him quietly,

“That’s her, over there, she will be walking by, up and down, up and down, for another ten minutes or so, it is a regular thing at this time, then she will leave. Just follow her and make a note of the address where she goes to and who lives there. That’s a good lad. Now stop looking at the pictures in the hallway or you’ll go blind with them mucky thoughts in your head! And I will have to use this on your bottom! Be off with you!” He scampered off as Abigail Laughed, and she shut the door with a thud.

Whilst she had been talking to the small boy, Charlotte and Samantha had suddenly become aware of a young girl of perhaps 15 or 16 years of age stood at the side of the parlour. Her bloomers were open, revealing lovely curvaceous buttocks, projecting out through the split like two beautiful full moons.

A small birch (known as a ‘Governess birch’) lay on the table beside her, whilst two more larger ones stood in a wooden bucket nearby soaking in salt water. The girl looked over her shoulder at them and smiled, saying in a matter of fact everyday sort of way:

“Hello girls. My name’s Anna. It’s lovely to meet you. Everyone at the Inveigle has been talking about you. I’m so sorry to interrupt your visit to see Mummy Bear, but unfortunately I have been a rather naughty little girl. In fact, I’m often rather naughty. Until now Mummy Bear has just spanked me with her hand and that ivory spanking paddle you can see hanging over there by the fireplace. However, after the last time, she said that if I was naughty again, she would birch me, and not with her small one! So you see, here I am waiting to have my naughty bottom birched!”

Samantha and Charlotte were somewhat taken aback by this and Anna’s almost total lack of concern about her forthcoming fate. There was nothing either of them could think of saying other than “Oh dear, we’re very sorry to hear that!”

To which Anna replied with a cheeky smile, “There’s no need to feel sorry for me. I just love having my bottom spanked by Mummy Bear, but please, please don’t tell her!”

As Abigail re-entered the room, Anna quickly turned her face away from the two girls. Abigail addressed the two girls, “I’m sorry to keep you waiting, but there’s always so much to do. Now, before I sit down to chat to you, I have one more ‘small matter’ to attend to…Don’t I, Miss Ledwock?” Abigail said in a stern voice looking directly at Anna.

“Yes, you do Miss Hayes!” replied Anna, trying to sound contrite, trying to yconceal a smile on her face.

Abigail waved the large birch and continued, “You Miss Ledwock are becoming one of my most regular visitors. I’m beginning to think you like your bare bottom chastised!”

Turning to Charlotte and Samantha, “I’ve already punished this wretched girl four times in just two weeks. Hand spanking and my trusty ivory paddle have clearly made very little impression upon her, so I’ve decided more drastic punishment is required. This Huge bunch of supple twigs I have had her make, will have her dancing, and make her bottom feel like it has had a thousand bee stings. I hope that a good dose of this birch might finally get her to behave!”

Charlotte and Samantha looked slightly embarrassed. Whilst they both would dearly love to see Abigail birch the girl, they felt that that might not be very appropriate.

“Would you like us to leave the room whilst you punish Anna?” Samantha asked.

“No, no girls. Stay and witness what happens to naughty young girls in my establishment. It will do you good to know what happens just in case either of you find yourself in here for something other than a ‘social call’! Besides which, having her punishment witnessed by you will add an element of humiliation.” Abigail replied.

Turning back to stand behind Anna, she raised the birch in her right hand and brought it swishing down hard across Anna’s bottom…Swishh!! Thwack!

Anna emitted a little squeal, but otherwise showed very little reaction other than a barely noticeable clenching and unclenching of her cheeks.

Abigail studied the target in front of her, and then delivered a dozen very whippy strokes in quick succession covering the whole of Anna’s bottom and upper thighs…

Swishh, thwack! …

Swish, thwack! …

Swish, thwack!




This seemed to have much more of an effect! Anna wriggled and writhed her buttocks in a rather lewd manner, gasping and yelping at each stroke. As Abigail knew from long years of experience administering birchings, the initial few strokes of a birch rarely brought forth much of a reaction. However, repeated strokes in quick succession started the build-up of an increasingly burning, hot stinging sensation which all but the most hardened of young ladies were able to bear in silence.

As the birching continued in this fashion, with only short breaks, Anna really started to howl and wriggle, finding it more and more difficult to hold her position! Her bloomers fell and she danced about squealing!

Abigail paused and turned to the girls,

“Could one of you please come and hold Anna down for me? She seems incapable of staying in position and I don’t yet feel that she has fully learned her lesson!”

Samantha gave Charlotte a quick nudge and whispered, “You do it Charlotte. I want to continue watching Abigail’s birching ‘technique’. It’s most exciting!”

Reluctantly Charlotte did as her friend asked as she would be deprived of the arousing sight of Anna’s bottom turning redder and redder. Standing up, she walked around to the other side of the table and grabbed Anna’s wrists.

“Hold on tightly Charlotte. Don’t let go, however hard she struggles. Pull her towards you a bit,” commanded Abigail.”I’m really going to make her do a merry dance and sing a merry little song now!”

Charlotte did as requested.

The birching recommenced…

The relentless swishing…

The thwacking sound of the well-applied birch…

All accompanied by Anna’s increasingly loud shrieks echoing around the parlour…

Freed of the constraint of her drawers, Anna’s legs ‘scissoring’ revealing her neat little pussy. Samantha watched Abigail in admiration, noting the ever increasing tracery of fine red lines criss-crossing her now very hot-looking bottom. At the start it had been a pristine white, but now it was really beginning to glow bright red.

At last, Abigail ceased birching Anna.

Charlotte released her grip on Anna’s wrists and the girl slid sobbing back to the floor. Abigail helped her to her feet and gave her a big hug and kiss, saying, “There, there Anna, I’m done. I’m sorry to have to whip you so severely, but your recent bad behaviour really did merit such drastic action. I forgive you. Now stand in the corner. Let’s start with a clean slate. Do you forgive me for thrashing you so long and hard?”

Still crying and snivelling, gently rubbing her very tender inflamed posterior, Anna replied “Th…Thank you M…Mummy Bear. Of course I forgive you. I deserved every stroke!”

“I’m so glad. Now put your drawers back on and let your skirts down?” said a smiling Abigail. “Now off you go and try to behave yourself. Shall I see you next week?”

Anna winked at Samantha and Charlotte, and then replied to Mummy Bear. “I really hope so, Mistress!”

The girls understood what had happened and looked knowingly at each other and Mummy Bear after Anna had left. Then Abigail said, “She doesn’t know it yet, but she is to become maid to Mr Trentham. I can tell by looking at him that he needs someone to look after him. She is a true submissive. I will give him a birch, with instructions that every time she needs it, he must send her to me with it in her hands. She’s really a lovely young girl, but she can be very naughty and cheeky at times. I think she will be in here a lot! She’ll enjoy the humiliation of walking here with the birch in her hands, maybe with a sign around her neck, wearing just her chemise and open back bloomers! Anyway, enough chatter about Anna, let’s be off!”

The girls smiled. She amused them with her talk and manner. She’d be a lovely mum, and they might enjoy being naughty now and then too!

Fumbling in her bag, Mummy Bear told them to come to the front door.

Mr.Trentham took lots of photos of Mummy Bear Spanking her ‘family of naughty, spanking loving girls’, here are some.