The Inveigle – Chapter Fourteen

Chapter 14: Samantha and Charlotte experiment with a cane

After the show, Samantha and Charlotte left hand-in-hand, humming the Radetzky March, and walked back to their rooms.

After the shows, the ‘Tease Maids’ we’re in high demand, as passions were high. They passed by two more open doors, business was brisk, as was the punishments they saw.

Two customers fresh from the Saturday Night show, punishing two Tease Maids.
Both the Tease Maids were to get a birching, followed by the cane!

A short flight of stairs, another bend in a corridor, and there was another open door. Birches were flying fast and furious!

Another view through an open door, and a familiar sight!
two more rumps being birched!

They flopped onto their bed and talked animatedly about what they had just seen. Mummy Bear had told them that this was only a small part of their repertoire. They had lots more acts, which is why people kept coming for more. Next Saturday Victoria was making a return to the stage with the chorus girls. They hoped to be able to see her triumphant return.

The fire was lit, two hot chocolate drinks were brought in by Rosie, and the girls stripped down to their camisole tops and bloomers to snuggle up side-by-side. They said a prayer of thanks together afterwards as they knelt besides Charlotte’s bed. After saying ‘Amen’, they stayed in position, turned to each other and smiled.

“Stay like that Charlotte,” commanded Samantha in a seductive stern tone.

Charlotte did so and Samantha slowly pulled her bloomers down to her bent knees.

“Did you enjoy the show Charlotte? You naughty girl, I saw you playing with yourself in the theatre. Fancy that! Public masturbation with no shame at all. I know what that deserves… don’t you?”

“Oh yes Mistress, a bare bottom spanking.”

“Oh I think it deserves more than just a bare bottom spanking, young lady. It deserves a sound bare bottom caning, just like Fae’s thrashing that you couldn’t drag your eyes away from!”

Samantha stood up and walked to her bed, felt down underneath, and slowly drew out a very slim and very swishy yellow cane.

(There will be a photo set of the next scene.)

“Oh God Samantha. Where did that come from?” asked a surprised Charlotte.

Samantha stood up with the cane and flexed it. “I asked Rosie to bring me one and leave it here whilst we were at the show.”

​“I see. Oh Samantha, I’m a bit scared. I’m not at all sure that I can take a caning. You’ve only ever spanked me before.”

“Oh Charlotte, surely you’re not frightened of me caning you? Don’t worry, I won’t exceed your limits. We’ll experiment together. I will give you just three strokes tonight. Let’s just see how it goes. I’ll start off gently and gradually increase the intensity. Would that be OK?”

“Yes my beautiful Mistress. I think that would be OK.”

“Then walk over to the bed and bend over the brass rail at the foot of the bed, but get near the wall, not in the middle. I need to be able to swing this thing.”

Charlotte stood up and walked around the bottom of the bed biting her lip in slightly fearful anticipation.

She felt her bloomers drop to the floor after a couple of steps. Upon reaching the bed she placed her hands on it and bent right over the rail, pushing her bottom up, as she had been instructed.

Samantha stood to her left side. Tapped the cane three times lightly on her bottom to take aim, raised her arm and… swish! thwack! The cane struck and Charlotte flinched but made little noise.

“Harder?”enquired Samantha.

“Oh yes, you can do it a lot harder than that!” responded Charlotte with a hint of cheekiness in her voice.

Samantha started to tap Charlotte’s cheeks again with the cane and noticed the thin red line of the first stroke redden from what was at first just a white line. Then she raised the cane twice as high as before and …. swish! thwack! It made a louder crack this time and Charlotte let out a gasp, buckled slightly at the knees and pushed her bottom up again.

Again Samantha enquired, “Harder?”

“Yes Mistress, I want it very hard for the last one.”

“I have heard it said by the girls that the last one is always the hardest, so here goes.”

She took a step back, positioned her feet, her right foot one step before the other, raised the cane behind her shoulder and with no tapping of the bottom delivered a full hard merciless stroke of the rattan cane…..SWISH…THWACK!!

Charlotte kicked her right leg up at the knee and jumped up and grasped her bottom. “Oh my God, that hurt!”

“I’m sorry.” said a rather concerned Samantha as she dropped the cane and moved to embrace her lover.

“Oh don’t say sorry. It was what a mistress should do sometimes, and the pain is fading already. I never knew you were that strong!”

Samantha noticed a tear on her face and wiped it away with her hand. She then gently pushed her lover down onto her back lying on the bed, raised her legs over her own shoulders and plunged her tongue into Charlotte’s very moist cunt.

Within a minute Charlotte came loudly, releasing a long cry of pure ecstasy.

“Oh my God, Samantha, if it makes me come that hard you can give me six or maybe even a dozen like that next time! Now I understand what Fae gets out of being caned so hard.”

“Oh, I’m so pleased Charlotte. I really enjoyed watching Fae being caned and I had hoped that I might be able to cane you like that, but I wasn’t sure whether you could take or enjoy it. Being able to cane you was pure bliss. Thank you so much for letting me.”

Charlotte got up from her bending position over the brass rail and lay down on the bed on her stomach. Samantha lay down beside her and admired the cane stripes that she had created across her lover’s beautiful bottom. She traced the three red stripes very gently with her fingers, the last of which had now formed a raised red welt. Charlotte let out a contented sigh and then rolled onto her side, giving her mistress a long lingering kiss. Her fingers slid between Samantha’s legs and entered Samantha’s moist slit until she too came, almost as quickly, and almost as hard as she had herself. They both now realised the aphrodisiac power of a well-applied cane, both for the recipient and for the wielder of that implement! They shared one bed that night, in close beautiful tender contact.

Meanwhile, in the London House of the Doctor and Jacqueline, the doctor was sitting at his writing table, using his left hand to write a note in red ink to The Central News Agency. The torment of the police had begun.

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