The Obedience Stool

This is another commission I got from ‘spankingtheatre’, to illustrate one of his stories. It concerns a stool where naughty girls have to sit next to their Mistress. It is set in Victorian or Edwardian England as I recall. Visit his pages and you will find out….

First of all, I had to make one, this is what I came up with…

Ah ha! Now you see why the obedience stool is a rather different sort of stool to sit on by the side of your Mistress. But which girl would I choose? The naughtiest of course. Kate.

This bit is always a bit nervy to be honest. I treat my girls with absolute respect, if a girl says no to anything I ask…and they do! I respect it. No harm in asking, no harm in saying no. It is just a matter of selecting the right ones for the right jobs, and asking. So….gulp.

“Hello Kate, did you read the story I sent you?”

“Yes, I enjoyed it.”

Hmmm, she is playing with me! So I showed her the stool I had made. “What do you think of it?”

“Very interesting Mr Jones, you are clever.”

“Thank you.”

She continues to look at me….’that way’.

“So will you sit on it like the girl in the story?….please.”

“Oh Mr. Jones, I’m shocked! You want me to straddle it, get one up my cunt and the other right up my arse….yes?”

“You think they will fit? I am very tight….as you know. But, well, you know, you have had bigger things in here!” She laughs.

For Gods sake tell me! I think to myself!!

“Of course I will, I masturbated st the thought last night, I am dripping now, they will slide in easy. I’ll let the front slide in first, then my bottom might have to be slower, it is short and thick isn’t it? Like a butt plug.”

So, she straddled the little stool and lowered gently and excitedly, making the loveliest of noises.

She was now in position, both dildos fully inside. “How does it feel Kate?”

“Good Mr.Jones, I am dying to gyrate on it!”

So she did.

She had a series of intense orgasms, one she said went up her pussy and all around the inside of her bottom hole.

All we had to do now was slide her off, a delightful experience, her legs were like jelly! Then we put the kettle on for tea and cake, another job done!