A Wooden Ruler Across her Bare Bottom

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This is a nice set from Roy, from the opening of the door to the bare bottom.

Enjoy his photographic skill…

I will try to enhance it with a description of the punishment, with the skill I have picked up over many years of punishing naughty girls bare bottoms.

A great setting isn’t it, and I love the cane hanging on the door coat peg.

A good Headmaster’s point of view shot, imagine swishing the ruler or flexing it.

Nice and tight, can you see the trademark tawse on the Headmasters desk?

Oh what a lovely pert bottom she has. No gravity there, the cheeks are really uplifted which means the cane will bounce off them quickly. With cheeks like this there is no place for the ‘sit spot’ or ‘spankers sweet spot’ to hide is there? So a couple aimed there are a must, they will make her kick and squeal!

Oh just look at those regulation knickers around her ankles, beautiful. The decision now is wether to cut down and glance, or a full blooded swing from the right shoulder.

Two things are very important with a yard stick, or in modern terms it would be 39″ …a one metre rule.

The brittleness of the wood. I think it is hickory, and it must not overhang too much, because it will not wrap around like the cane. I usually give three of the six with a cane forehand from the left. Then three from the right with a back hand, so the wrap around is equal. But with these, you can stay to the left.

The second is, that some old ones have a brass square edge tip, like this one, and they can cut. So make sure they land well. I suggest a three inch over hang of the buttocks, gripping the ruler with the 3-9″ range. And definitely swing in an arc, almost parallel with the floor. If you hit the buttocks true and flat, the smack is amazingly loud. I suggest nine, it will cover the whole buttocks in a red band about nine inches wide.

That middle line is perfect. If you do it well you will almost end up with a bright red 9″ square.