Roy Tersley

Roy is the second of my guests, a man I have known for years, someone I respect and have great admiration for not just , for his work, he also seems a thoroughly decent chap. He can be found on Twitter as @RTersley and has a company making fabulous leather equipment such as tawses 

The tawses I use are purchased from him, I rate them 10/10

He has worked for Janus magazine which in itself is an excellent recommendation and accolade. He also covers nautical events, as a professional photographer in his other world.

To start off, here is a sample of his work…

A girl is doing her homework, and ends up drinking wine and reading a spanking magazine.

Just a little set to get us started. Much more to come.

It’s the placing of the wine glass, and the rose. Artistic isn’t it?

Here is a set of close ups he sent to me a while back, the tawses etc are from the company he works with.

Here are some close up photos, the tawses etc are his brand…

What a beautiful impact shot!
I love using the table tennis paddle, like the plimsol, the texture it leaves is quite wonderful!
Love the creases in the crotch of the knickers.
What a lovely glimpse of pussy.

Here are a few more general shots. Look at this lovely blazer, he offered it for sale once, but alas, at the time I was a bit short…

Imagine being the teacher running the botany class!
A cheeky gust of wind
Oh my! The knickers and how they have ridden up! Bloody hell Roy, you’ve made me wank again!!!