Three Girls and their Spanking Pain Slut – Part 15

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After Charlotte had finished giving their slut a good spanking with the plimsol, they unfastened her.

And moved her on to the next piece of apparatus they had set up.

Kate said, quite matter of factly, “I think the cane might give away what happens next!”

Samantha chuckled, “All you have to find out is who is caning you and how many strokes you get!”

“Over you get….pet.” Chuckled Charlotte.

“Well, you know who now, lets answer the next part!” Samantha said cooly.

“I have not heard you count or thank me yet….slut!”

“Sorry Mistress…..three, thank you Mistress!”

She thanked and counted up to six, and got one extra for not counting the first two. “

It was time to move on to the next apparatus. “Come along slut!” Said Kate as she tugged on her leash…

more to come…


4 thoughts on “Three Girls and their Spanking Pain Slut – Part 15

  1. Samantha looks like she has stepped rather easily into her ‘Miss Kenworthy’ role! I get the impression that she knows how to wield a cane to maximum effect!!

  2. I have seen Samantha cane; it is awesome to watch . I would love to take 6 off her but genuinely don’t believe I could take more!

  3. Kate has a very wicked smile here and looks great in a short skirt and yet formal suit. Charlotte’s skirt may be much longer but she looks wonderful in it and her facial expressions are just fantastic. That’s three girls really enjoying themselves – I suspect it might be all four ……….

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