Charlotte the Spanking Pet ~ Part Thirty

This story started off ‘in threes’, something I tried where I put three photos at a time, it was okay, but with so many stories in development, it was taking an age. So now I do it in pretty much my normal style.

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“When these are down, I am going to pick my cane up, and cane your pretty little bottom from cold. So be ready for it. I am eager to start.” The Governess of Spanking Dreams told her Princess Spanky.

“And I am ready for you to begin, I mean, really ready Mistress.” Replied Charlotte eagerly.

She blew on her pet’s bottom. “oooooooooh” shivered her pet in delight. Then she walked to the desk, picked up her cane and began, with no real warning, other than what she had said earlier.



Very soon the welts began to rise, bringing instant delight to both pussies.

Samantha loved to see them, and took pride in her spacing, the sound of both the whacks and her pet’s shrieks excited her to the core.

The pain struck every submissive chord in Princess Spanky’s psyche. From the moment the cane landed, she gasped and squealed, and even at that very moment, she knew how she would be caressing the raised welts during masturbation in her bed, that night, with Samantha doing the same, by her side, naked, as they talked of it, using their favourite key words.

But she knew this was not the only punishment today, what else would the be talking of that night?

The pace quickened, soon rapid fire cracks of the cane echoed around the room, with squeals from Charlotte close behind them, chasing them around the room.

Calmness descended, mutual masturbation orgasms followed, it was time for the bottom to fade, and create a bare blank canvas, for what was to follow with the dragon tail tawse, in just a few minutes time, in the room next door…

more to come…


3 thoughts on “Charlotte the Spanking Pet ~ Part Thirty

  1. I love the way Charlotte stretches herself across the punishment stool, her bared buttocks framed by her raised skirt and lowered knicks!
    I love the way Samantha’s bra-less breasts strain against her tight blouse, with nipples visibly hardening as the caning progresses!
    I love the written line, ” The pace quickened, soon rapid fire cracks of the cane echoed around the room, with squeals from Charlotte close behind them, chasing them around the room.” I’d been masturbating to the story and its photos, and this line tipped me over the edge, so I added my moans to the cacaphony described!
    That was first thing this lazy Saturday morning; as is often the case, I start my day reading this blog and it revs my engine to such an RPM that I have to jill-off. Now it’s dusk, and I’m back at your blog, rereading, touching myself all over again, cumming repeatedly, harder each and every time. When I read your closing, “more to come,” I take it literally!
    Jean Marie

  2. Fantastic Jean Marie, you are wonderful. Glad to give you pleasure and forever grateful of your stunning contributions to my blog.

  3. This is another wonderful set ……… I can’t deny Charlotte’s poses are beautiful but Samantha looks fabulous !!!!
    Her poses look authoritarian but very sexy. The way she spreads her lovely legs for balance in a skirt which is slightly see through …….. and her blouse has alredy been commented on ………..!
    These pictures are sublime and very evocative.

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