Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls ~ Five Years On…(The First Boy) ~ Part Eighteen.

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There was a brief pause as the ‘over the knee’ bare bottom spanking of the naughty boy, before the girls, came to an end.

“Owww, I am sorry Miss, I will never be a naughty boy again.” Said the boy, thinking it was over and pushing himself up.

“Why, my dear boy, it is almost as if you think it is all over. Do you really think a bare bottom hand spanking is enough for a boy who masturbates in class? I am afraid you are sadly mistaken, that was only the beginning.” Miss Kenwworthy chuckled.

The girls giggled excitedly, this was wonderful news and just what they hoped for.

Miss Kenworthy deftly reached behind her for the tawse. “Stand up boy, and bend over there!”

He looked horrified at the sight of the tawse.

The girls slowly got more vociferous, and encouraged Miss Kenworthy.

“Oh well done Miss kenworthy, he deserves this doesn’t he?” Put forward Kate.

“He most certainly does!”

“Are you going to make him squeal Miss?” Asked Suzette.

“Oh most certainly!”

“I bet he will be jumping about by the end Miss.” Added Charlotte.

“Then you girls must restrain him for me if her does!”Miss Kenworthy said, as she stood and made her way to the trembling naughty boy.


Miss Kenworthy checked the area and adjusted her position. Then kicked off her shoes.

“Oooooh you really do mean business Miss Kenworthy, don’t you?” Asked a very excited Charlotte bobbing up and down on her seat excitedly.

Tossing her beautifully maintained hair back, Miss Kenworthy replied, “I do indeed!”

She positioned herself.

Then she began……THWAAAAACK!

THWACK!!! “Oowwwwww!”

THWACK!!!! “Owwwwwwwooooh!”



The girls laughed at his squealing and poked fun at him as he got his spanking. “He is squealing like a girl!” ” Make him jump high Miss Kenworthy!” “Ohh, oh, oh this serves you right you naughty boy!” “Yes, all naughty boys deserve bright red bottoms, give it him good and hard Miss!”

THWACK!! “Yieeeeeeeeeoooooooowwwwwww!”

How the girls laughed and giggled at his plight, poking fun at a very naughty boy getting his bare bottom thrashed before the girls was great fun, ….they loved it, and were bouncing up and down in their seats urging Miss Kenworthy on, and on, and on…

She rose to the occassion magnificently…


” Owwww, oooooh ouch, owwww!!



THWACK!!!!……..She paused for a few seconds and gave him some smacks by hand. “You are starting to jump boy! Girls, … two, Charlotte and Kate, come and hold him still, it is time to show him what a real good thrashing on the bare is like!!”

“Ohhh yes Miss Kenworthy, lets show him!!”

“Oh please, yes, I would love to hold him for you and watch him get the spanking of his life Miss Kenworthy!”

Overjoyed at being asked, and very excited to see a bottom thrashed hard close up, to two girls came trotting up to each side of him.

The poor whimpering naughty boy could do nothing.

“Hold him tight and keep him still girls!”

“Yes Miss!”

“Yes Miss!”

Both girls thought this was the best class ever!!

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2 thoughts on “Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls ~ Five Years On…(The First Boy) ~ Part Eighteen.

  1. All a delight to behold

    i like words so i perked up when i read the girls grew ‘voiferous’ yes calamitous in their attention to the proceedings

    one thing though the girls out to have been taking notes, so their memories must now be tested and if found wanting……………….

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