Bottle Green Knickers, white vest, grey socks, and plimsols! ~ Photo Set 521

Another set of a girl being called from her P.E. Class to my study. This time, it is Charlotte…”I am sending Charlotte to you now Mr.Jones.” Says my secretary, Brigitte on the internal phone.

“Thank you.”

knock, knock, knock… I open the door, and there she is.

“Enter.” I usher her in.”Stand on the carpet you naughty girl.”

Without a word she stands to attention, on the carpet. Her eyes looking around, as a sign of slight panic wells up in her tummy.

I stand behind her and tell her she is getting spanked on the vintage flogging stool, and it will be on the bare. I can almost see the fine hair on her arms raise up as I announce sentence for her crime. She has hid in the woods on cross country, had a smoke, and joined the race later. A familiar tale and every now and then the Gym Mistress hides behind a tree. This was two days ago, it is now her P.E. Lesson and I have asked her to be sent to me from that.

“You are a naughty girl, what are you?”

“A naughty girl Mr.Jones.”

“And what happens to naughty girls when they see me?”

“They get their bottoms punished Mr.Jones.”

I look her up and down and say. “Get to the stool please.”

She walks to the stool and stands before it.

“Prepare your bottom for punishment Charlotte. Lower your knickers to your knees.”

“Of course, Mr.Jones.” She replies politely.

Her rather fine bottom was now bare, and it was time to bend over and present it to me…

Part 2

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12 thoughts on “Bottle Green Knickers, white vest, grey socks, and plimsols! ~ Photo Set 521

  1. Oooo atmospheric. Loved the “Prepare your bottom for punishment” this has got my anticipation juices flowing

  2. Thank you Fishmeister, you are always one of my most regular comment posting followers, and have been quite a while. I appreciate every one.

  3. Charlotte looks so very smart in her P.E. kit, that makes an excellent punishment kit too, but I don’t like the idea of her breasts being hindered as she bends for punishment so maybe a larger mans vest, would be nice to watch her struggling to stop her lovely breasts from popping out, or no vest at all, Just a thought isn’t it nearly time for the ladies to have their school medicals, I don’t expect the doctor will want to waste time waiting for the ladies to undress, but we couldn’t have them standing around naked could we, so they can wear their plimsolls.

  4. Is it to be the plimsoll? I do think the plimsoll is highly appropriate in scenarios such as this.I love the dull but resonant thud of it’s impact and the accompanying shock wave of rippling female bumflesh.Very good.Very good.

  5. Can we have some close ups of Charlotte’s bottle green knicker covered bottom? Please Mr Jones!

  6. Hiya Mark, I hope you are well. I cannot remember if I took any in this shoot, but if not I will attend to it. I will try to remember to put a ‘knicker clad bottom shoot’ on our club suggestions page.

  7. Stop salivating Old Codger it is dripping on my blog! Yes I love the plimsol, you must come to meet Suzette, I have given her well over thirty at a time, full on…it is an experience not to be missed.

  8. Nice comment Fred…maybe I should do a school medical inspection line up, two girls get pushing and shoving and get to told to take a plimsol off…pass it to Matron and…..spankety spanking time!….another suggestion to go on the suggestion page!! Will I ever catch up?!?!

  9. Yes I like this idea of Fred’s too.Any chance of procuring one of those height and weight measuring devices? Imagine a photo set in which the girls each take their turn to visit the lecherous doctor .Lots of scope there to allow ones imagination to have a field day.

  10. Oh yes, we have to get one! If anyone gets chance, have a look, and see if any are for sale….I would not pay much more than £30, if too much, I will ask the Rev. to make one…..wherever he is…..he seems to have vanished.

  11. Probably doing the Lords work somewhere.He could be the doctor come to think of it.An upstanding pillar of the community who can be trusted to conduct these important examinations with the most well meaning of intentions…Unless you want to do it of course lol?

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