Photo Set ~ 523 ~ Part Two of ~Bottle Green Knickers, white vest, grey socks, and plimsols! ~ Photo Set 521

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Her knickers were down, it was now time to get her bent over the vintage flogging stool.

I stood patiently watching her, always a pleasant task, and full of expectation, and anticipation.

My apologies, I had only spanked her ten minutes ago for another set, and her bottom is still glowing a bit.

She was ready for her spanking…

I removed my bunch of keys from my pocket and sorted through to find the shiniest key of all, which of course fits my implement cupboard. I unlocked it and put the large brass padlock and key on the vaulting horse. I looked to the implements, and back to her bottom. At this moment, it is almost as if they can speak, and tell me which one. It was the junior tawse, a soft supple tawse with the ability to wrap between the cheeks if one does a cheek at a time.

What a fine target she offered me. Slightly trembling, it was perfect.

I walked over to take up my position.

I delivered a sound spanking and to her credit she hardly flinched, and the ooooooh’s, owwwww’s and ahhhhhh’s! She let out were a delight to hear. Beautiful spanking music.

I then put her in corner time for fifteen minutes, and as with all my girls she was told to remain thus, no matter who, or how many people came in.

I made sure she bent her knees and placed her hands on her thighs.

Her bottom poked out in the most humiliating way.

Her nose was not touching the wall, so I told her to make sure it does all the time. This is an exacting position to be in, ‘she will be glad when the fifteen minutes are up’, I thought.

I sat at my desk and had two visitors. A sales rep, with a box of senior canes I had ordered. And the cook, asking for a signature on a food order.

I looked over a few times, and she never moved.

One of the reasons I like this corner time position so much, is the gentle way the inner thighs kiss.

After the stated time, my timer rang, and I sent her on her way.

more to come…


I would like to do an event where I spank all three girls behind closed doors, and the people attending pretend to be visitors. Anybody? Club members only of course.

7 thoughts on “Photo Set ~ 523 ~ Part Two of ~Bottle Green Knickers, white vest, grey socks, and plimsols! ~ Photo Set 521

  1. So do I Charlotte, don’t worry, I am sure they all still think your bottom still looks fabulous. It is just how it is, sometimes what appears great to us, doesn’t to our followers, we just have to take it on the chin….or bottom in your case….xxhugxx…and move on to the next!

    Anyway…we have two now! Mine and yours xxx

  2. And now with a certain inevitability you will have mine too.Fear not Charlotte,the photos were not seen as opposed to not liked.
    They represent yet another variation on the corner time theme.Reminds me a bit of a true life incident that happened to yours truly in his schooldays.Being every bit as much of a class clown as most lads of a certain age tend to be, I was once summoned to the front of the class and made to stand with a piece of chalk between my forehead and the blackboard.It wasn’t especially humiliating because you still got the laughs from ones chuckling chums,so the psychology didn’t really work.
    Now that’s a world away from this very private little exercise Mr Jones has had you perform for his,and I’m quite certain everybody elses great delight Charlotte my dear.

  3. I don’t know why there are no comments Charlotte! I think you look lovely and provocative if I dare say so …………
    Keep up the excellent work!

  4. Thanks Old Codger, I can imagine her big smile quite easily, a lovely insight in to the ‘old school’ too. Some of mine were real crackshots with chalk too!

  5. Thank you John and Old Codger xxx xxx I am prone to a pouty lip and a sulk. You have snapped me out of it.

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