8 thoughts on “Vintage Saint Helena High School Photos, for my new studio classroom walls…

  1. Important work, turning these wayward young ladies into responsible members of society. Clearly challenging, but as ever the punishments are clearly not just well deserved, but an important tool in correcting behaviour.

  2. I have, with my magnifying glass , already identified miscreants that will need to report to Mr Jones’ study, in pyjamas before lights-out, over this coming week…

  3. And there is me imagining you with a monocle ….lol….I am glad you approve James! Make sure you give their naughty bottoms ‘what for’!!!

  4. Having looked at the photos in more detail myself, I can also see a few candidates for some good corrective action. A couple of the 1912 intake girls look like they have been up to things that would make a sailor blush, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole of the front row of the netball team had been cavorting in the showers and wearing away the shared soap bar.

  5. Love this stuff. I have a few punishment books from such schools and they make fascinating reading!!! They were a naughty bunch. Only got to scan those photos closely

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