Week Two – Thursday ~ Part 5… The bully gets her third spanking, of three!

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Samantha sat down with excitement in her heart. She had the best tennis serve in school, she hated Shona and her bullying, so being able to put her arm to good use on the bully’s bare upturned bottom was a perfect match.

Miss Pollard looked on, expecting a spectacle. So too did Stephanie and Charlotte. Whilst Shona looked on with dread, her bottom was sore from the two spankings she had just got from the two girls. Retreat was not an option, like a cornered rat, she began to panic.

“Get over my knee now Shona.” said Samantha coldly, her mind full of sweet revenge.

“Please don’t Samantha, I like you really, honest I do, surely two spankings on the trot is enough.” Pleaded Shona with a sweet little voice.

“You liar. You have never liked me, you never will. What’s more Shona, I don’t like you, I never will. I am going to spank you as hard as I can, the girls out of the window are going to love hearing you scream…ARE’NT YOU GIRLS!” Shouted Samantha.

A huge cheer of encouragement went up from those closest to the window, and it spread.

She yanked her over and began in a flurry, smacks landed quickly. Shona squealed, cried, and begged forgiveness. It was music to the ears of the whole school.

How Shona cried! She was totally humiliated, in great pain and mercy was as far away as the west coast of America. All she got was jeering and laughter.

“Take that!!!!” SMACK!!!!

“AND THIS!!!!” SMACK!!!!


Samantha shouted at each whack, Shona squealed in return, Charlotte and Stephanie encouraged, and Mrs Pollard looked on, her pussy throbbing and twitching. This spectacle of a spanking was exactly what she wanted to see.

Shona fell on to the floor, and on all fours screamed how sorry she was. What a silly little girl she looked, the brat of a bully with all her power, was gone, all that remained was a stupid girl, on all fours, with an embarrassingly red sore bottom. A bully put firmly in her place.

“Haaa haaaa, not so nasty and spiteful now are you?” Said the girls.

“Have you any idea how silly and defeated you look Shona?” Asked Miss Pollard.

“YES! Waaaaah waaah waaah, I am sorry, I will never ever bully again, I have learned my lesson, please please let it stop, I will be a good girl, I promise!” Cried Shona.

“How ridiculous you look you silly naughty girl. let this be a lesson to you!” Said Mrs Pollard.

Charlotte, Samantha, and Stephanie were satisfied. Their bully was defeated.

Once more she promised to be good. Miss Pollard promised her a public caning on the school stage if she ever did anything like this again.

Her punishment was over.

Much more to come!


4 thoughts on “Week Two – Thursday ~ Part 5… The bully gets her third spanking, of three!

  1. I quite enjoyed this series as it was mostly otk.I really enjoyed the one you got of Samantha is looking right at the camera and her expression,the positioning of her hands and your lighting were outstanding very well done.Thanks

  2. Thank you once again.Your comments are tremendously helpful, and also make me realise just how much attention people pay to details.

  3. Details close ups face and bottom. Plus authentic uniforms and pretty voluptuous bottoms idealy impact shots but that may be asking to much

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