Three’s – Charlotte the Spanking Pet ~ Part Seven

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“Right then my naughty little pet, your adventure is only just beginning. I want to put you in corner time first, and appreciate your botttom. Go and stand over there.” Instructed Samantha.

Charlotte happily followed her instructions. her submissive boxes were all being ticked. First a telling off…lovely. Second a spanking…perfect. And now, three, corner time, can this get any better?

As she shuffled into her ‘corner time’, she began to wonder what might happen. ‘It has only just begun, her Mistress had just said. How intriguing.’

All will be revealed, just to say, it is an exceedingly long sexy journey. I hope you follow it with me. But for now, lets just revel in the glory of the blushing bottom of Charlotte, in corner time.

Actually, she deserved another spanking, she had left her cup of tea on my desk! So I gave her one on top of her already sore bottom! Hence her bottom being a bit redder in the last photo.

more to come…


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