Robyn’s Naughty Reads – 12

Sardax: a FemDom picture
by Robyn Jones

Whilst I normally prefer FF/Ff spanking scenarios, I thought I might do a short post to ‘spoil’ some of you submissive male blog readers.

Anyone into FemDom art is likely to have come across the artist who goes under the name of ‘Sardax’. His art is superb and highly erotic both to male submissives and to many female dominants. There are numerous other examples on the internet if you care to browse. Not wishing to fall foul of copyright issues, I have limited myself to just discussing just one of his pictures which a male submissive friend recently showed me. I am indebted to him for freely expressing his thoughts as to what the picture conjured up in his mind.

The picture possesses a wonderfully erotic and forbodding atmosphere. It is clearly set in the early C20 in a large well-to-do household. A young lady with long shoulder-length hair, dressed as a Edwardian maid, is slowly walking down a darkened corridor, her footsteps click-clacking on the wooden floor to announce her imminent arrival. In her left hand she is gripping a fierce-looking crook-handled cane. Ahead of her is a brightly lit room where two ladies stand staring intently at what appears to be a young man bent over a wooden chest. His trousers and underpants have been taken down around his knees to bare his buttocks. One of the ladies is well-dressed, possibly the boy’s mother? The other appears to be dressed more severely, possibly the boy’s governess?

The boy’s left leg is kicking up, suggesting that the governess has just laid a stinging stroke across his bottom, possibly with a strap as a prelude to a more severe caning? The mother seems to be looking on with an ecstatic look on her face. Is she becoming aroused watching the young gentleman being strapped, having his buttocks reddened as he squeals and howls, wriggles and writhes under the Governess’ attentions?

Just before entering the room, you can’t help but notice the rather fetching statue on a tall pillar to the right of the door. It is a naked man draped over a lady’s knee having his bottom well-spanked. Her arm is extended high over her shoulder ready to swoop down and deliver a burning smack. Clearly this stands at the entrance to a room specifically designated as the punishment room. It is one to which all recalcitrant naughty young members of the household are sent should they require a salutary disciplinary lesson, be it with a strap, cane or birch.

As the maid approaches, she may start to whip the cane through the air, it’s swishing sounds combining with the clicking of her heels on the wooden floor warning the young man that there is worse to come. Will the maid be the one to thrash him with the cane or will the Governess take charge? The boy perhaps hopes it will be the more attractive young maid who will deliver the caning if he has to be punished with it. He rather fancies her and the thought of her thrashing his naked buttocks rather excites him in a strange perverted way. He feels his member stiffening, incapable of controlling his physical responses to these thoughts. How many strokes will he get?

Unfortunately I don’t know exactly where this illustration originated from. I suspect it comes from one of the FemDom novels that Sardax illustrated for the Alice Kerr-Sutherland Society, but I have been unable to track it down. I leave you to imagine what happens next once the maid enters the punishment room.

In case you feel deprived, I thought I would let you see a few more of Sardax’s illustrations, but decided to leave you to have fun imagining a storyline to accompany each one.

Robyn Jones

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