Spanking Faces!

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Lots of my photos of faces, either spanking, or being spanked, all can be seen in my stories or sets.

The cane has just landed.
Waiting anxiously for the next.
One hand hanging on to her hat, the other trying instinctively to protect her bottom.
Oh dear, she is jumping about clasping her sore bottom. Time for the prefects to hold her in place, and no doubt it will start from the beginning again. She was told not to move!

Lots, lots, lots more to come! Some will be individual like the ones above, but to save space, some will be in sets…

Set 1 – Authority

Set 2 – Squirming

Set 3 – Looking to each other for comfort

Set 4 – concentrates on the look of a spankee when an implement gets closer…and closer.

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Set 5 – A mummy’s face as she spanks her daughter

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Set 6 – another Mummy and daughter set

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Set 7 ….the face of a girl getting the plimsol on her bare bottom!

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More to come.


6 thoughts on “Spanking Faces!

  1. This was amazing.I love otk spankings and the expressions and positioning otk are did indeed catch the faces and the spanking themselves.well done.Thanks

  2. Quite a regular now Jim. And I love all your comments. Feel free to e-mail me any time. See contacts above.

  3. Yes,I recently retired and found more time to explore and comment on the different sites.I always want people to know their work and art is appreciated.I love all the different venues you have,but I cannot comment on each individual piece so I make a blanket compliment for everybody( the photographer,the set designer,the wardrobe and especially the models.) There are many outstanding works on your site and I would give you a spanking hall of fame star of there was such a place.Thanks for all you have shared.Have a great day.

  4. Thank you Jim, you are always so complimentary. I invite you to be a member of The Spanking Emporium Private Mrmbers Club, please contact me via the ‘contact button’ for the secret password.

  5. Thanks for the invite,but I am afraid I can’t sign up for email it goes to Amazon and my wife has several accounts there and I don’t want her to suddenly get a email from spanking emporium. I really just love the otk ones as that is my main interest and really do appreciate all that you have shared and have just read one of your first spanking memories and mine are quite different,but America in the sixties in the Midwest was a whole different culture and although our results are similar my experience was different than yours.anyway have a happy holiday and thanks again for all you have shared. Btw I did send you two jokes and have not seen them posted anywhere so I hope you got them.Have a great day.

  6. No problem….to be honest, spotting posts etc is a nightmare. I get thousands of comments…nearly all inviting me to buy stuff of go to sex sites….I have a way of finding the real people…but it is hard…so sorry I miss some.

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