Great Uncle Asa’s Story

This is going to go on a while, and I will dip into it when I feel nostalgic, probably as I am sat in my study, with a glass of fine vintage port, and a grand crackling log fire.

Talking of fires! Click here…

There used to be a photo of me here, but I removed it.

Come and sit with me, let’s enjoy each other’s company. I am not to be trusted…::sigh::….if you are a woman, and you sit on my knee as I tell you stories, I will no doubt pat your bottom, and my hand wander. It is best to know that now, if you do not like that idea, then sit and enjoy my gentlemanly hospitality in the chair matching mine, before you, opposite me….sit down, please.

If you are a man, sit with me, my girls will join us from time to time.

If you are a submissive feminine man, who dresses as a girl, then sit at my feet, where you belong, dressed in frills….oh come on! You know you love it!

I have a rather large boxer dog, Buster. Do not stare him in the eyes, let him come to you. Once he has, stroke him, he will be friendly, and you can walk safely anywhere. If you make the first move, he will snarl, and utter a low long growl. Stop! Instantly. Leave him to it. Do not move again…I will not be responsible for your death. You have been warned.


Time line….today is 17th Jan, 2022

I was born in 1951, a kinder time. People were not snooping with cameras to try to get money for publically disgracing people. Secrets were kept. Get rich quick by fucking in reality t.v. did not exist. Better times? I think so, but feel free to disagree….you have your own choices and I respect them. Like conscientious objectors, or anti vaxxers….your choice. You are still welcome. Same with colour or religion, creed or sexuality, I honestly don’t give a fuck. Whoever you are, if you like spanking, you are welcome.

I do not know where you are from, but here in England we have two T.V. Programmes that sum up my early surroundings in the Derbyshire Dales and Towns. A vet programme, called ‘All Creatures Great and Small.’ And a series of stories set in London…’Call the Midwife’.

They reflect the kinder, slower paced time my life started in.

I was a teenager in the ‘Swinging Sixties’….had a blast!

I reached maturity in the Internet age.

Spanking has always been in my life. I love it, I am consumed by it, I am obsessed with it, and the female bottom. I have my own studio, and lots of of other places to shoot in with my girls….as you know. But how did I get here?

How presumptuous of me to think that anyone cares? Maybe it is just you?

In my mind you are a beautiful young woman, intrigued by me and my blog. You knock on my door, I speak…”You have read thus far my dear, I would like you to leave your knickers and any inhibitions at the door, and come and sit on my knee. I love the tiny little kilt type skirt and black hold ups…very nice.”

You nestle on my knee, in a wiggly sort of way, my manhood is erect. “Hmm, it is probably time to say hello to Mr.Tom. He has a mind of his own, I do not stick up for him and his behaviour. He has done that on his own all my life, often when I wish he had not stirred in tight trousers, even at a young age…he had his own ideas…

It is 1961, I am ten, my short trousers are at my ankles, so too are my pants, my masturbation technique then was to push and grind into the carpet. In my hand are two toy soldiers, one is a Viking with a spear, the other a cowboy in spats….to me, the latter is a girl with a bare bottom. My reflected bottom bobbing up and down in the reflective concave surface of an electric fire, is hers….at that age I wanted to be a girl and be spanked. It did not last ever so long, by 15 I was spanking my first proper girlfriend with a plimsol, her in school uniform. Minutes earlier she had asked…”What would you do to me if you were my teacher and I was a naughty girl?”

She was finding out.

Briefly, let me fill in the missing years…

Lucy was on t.v. Getting spanked every Saturday tea time. Me and my brothers, there were five of us, had comics….every week without fail a girl got spanked. On the t.v. Was Jimmy Edwards in ‘Whacko!’, and Billy Bunter was caned on the screen every Sunday. I saw spankings at school, I saw canings at school, I had seen spankings at the bus stop, in shops, on a train and in the parks…in short like the letter ‘i’ in spanking…..I was surrounded by it, I did not have a chance.

Minnie the Minx was my favourite comic character…

The annual was always eagerly waited for and read st Christmas, as this naughty girl about to play in her knickers any minute now, shows why! The photo is supplied by one if my contributors, Roy Tersley.

‘I Love Lucy’, was my favourite T.V. Programme…A film about her life is being made. I will look forward to that!

And Jimmy Edwards! Who could forget him!!

I was surrounded by it in the lovely old house I lived in too! A girl of my age each side of me, one ot number 15, one at number 11. Yep, I lived in number thirteen, and I have been struck by lightening too. But I feel lucky.

Number 11 was like going back in time…strange people, with strange names. It was the first place I saw a girls red sore spanked bottom in corner time. I went round with my mum for something, on entering the ‘back kitchen’, there she was whimpering in embarrassment..”see what being naughty gets you D**** your beloved Asa can see your red bottom, it serves you right too! And don’t you dare rub!”

Today is 26th Jan. 2022….I continue

This is pretty much what I saw, I can picture it now. I often do.

Number 15, above me had another girl, Mrs.T’s daughter, ‘P’. She was a tear away as they called them then. A delinquent I suppose, she got into lots of trouble and at 16 or so, the Police brought her home for putting street lights off, not going to school for a while, and shoplifting.

We used to talk, she was a nice enough looking girl, quite plump, and I am more than happy with plump!….but a real bag of trouble for her mum. I remember that my bedroom had a wall adjoining hers. We used to share a ‘fag’ at our bedroom windows. On a few summer nights I climbed out, we sat on the coal house roof, and had a cuddle and the odd inexperienced fumble. Could I live anywhere better, at a better time? NO!

I was not a good boy, but knew not to steal, although I did once and got caned at school, on my bottom…4 strokes. The shopkeeper caught me, got my name off a schoolbook and rang the school up. It was only a couple of ‘Penny Arrows’ but I paid a very painful price for them.

I was polite, a nice boy. I got into scrapes, lots of them, but a clip around the ear was usually enough.

The girl next door, P got worse and worse. Building up to the Police visit.

Before that, I heard her get spanked a few times. My Mum took me to one side once, she could see that the squealing from next door had upset me. I was an emotional boy. She told me she was very naughty and spiteful, and deserved a spanking…lots of them probably.

The fact that she was naughty, made everything alright in my mind!

Her mum was a jolly woman, and kind looking. When P was little she had a lovely childhood. We all seemed to, I was out playing, making dens, playing footy etc around eight or nine hours a day in the summer, coming back mucky, famished, and tired….ready for the next day.

When she reached her teenage years, she came off the rails, the swinging sixties made her rebel I think.

Her mum got a cane, I understand that she got it via the Women’s Institute, great instructors on the punishment of naughty girls! Here is the nearest photo I can find to match them, a good 70% accurate.

Quite matter of factly, my mum told me of its arrival. It was no big deal, our threat was an evil looking strap, kept in my mum and dads bedroom. My best mate had a cane above the hallway door… To deter bad behaviour. They only had to reach for them and most of us would behave…but not the girl at number 15. I heard it used maybe fifteen times? Never counted. I could tell by the bed time shouting! I used to open my window to listen…and masturbate.

As regards the W.I. And spanking, I write of it at length in ‘The Glory Days of Spanking.’ Click here…

By far the worst was the night of the Police. I am pretty sure they stayed, but that could be a truck of the mind. I asked my brother, and he said they did, to witness it and prevent prosecution.

I can recall vividly the swishes, the cracks, the squeals, the shouting and admonishment. It’s hard to be exact….but I honestly believe it was closer to twenty strokes than ten.

She ended up going to a special school. But that did not matter…my first real girlfriend moved into my life. She was sex mad and liked spanking. I am not saying our ages!! Let’s just say we were teenagers and sexed up to the eyes!

My finger tips were constantly wrinkled! They spent so many hours inside her. I grew to love fingering, and it is still a great favourite now.

But it was ‘R’ who got the first real spanking I ever gave. It changed me, I knew by then that I loved it. But it sort of affected my brain. I think someone tattooed bottoms inside my eyelids on that day, I see them every time I blink now…well almost!

Let me set the scene for you…

I was madly in love, we both were. It was Wuthering Heights! Strong, total, mind blowing. She came to me later in life again, as a client! Isn’t that something? That was mind blowing too. Good old ‘Friends Reunited’!!!

We met after school, almost every day, and back to my house or hers. Our Mums and Dads loved it…so intense for their age!

Some days we went to the Wimpey Bar instead…which doubled as a code word for Mums out…fancy a shag?

I remember it so well, I have gone mushy thinking of it. Sat before a coal fire, her in school uniform, me in mine. Her school skirt right up, tits out, knickers being stretched between her knees, her with my cock in her hand, my fingers delving in moist, warm heaven. We climaxed….and then, she said…

“Naughty aren’t we? Me and you xxhugxx…what would you do if I did something naughty? Really bad?”

I told her I would spank her.

She said, “…go on then, like you would if it was real.”

I gave her a right good spanking, by hand, and her plimsol! She cried but LOVED IT. That was the day I found out that fucking from behind is quite a turn on for a woman.

You will think I am making this up…but I am not. She had a sister ‘B’ who came home to find us partially dresse. ‘R’ said, Asa has just spanked me.

She said…”Lucky you!” So I did…yep, I spanked her sister too, then….you can believe this or not, all three of us ended up in bed. ‘B’ made tea and biscuits! How English…we talked spanking, fucked, fingered, licked and sucked.


This was my first spanking fantasy girl…Petula Clark!

This went on for years, until she went to University. She became a teacher, they both did. They taught me a lot…her sister was my Mrs.Robinson. Only two year older than me…but, as they said back then, it was cosmic.

I got a job, as an apprentice fitter in a huge engineering works. Crane hooks bigger than my head, I could put my fist through the chain links. We had won the World Cup! I had money…I was handsome and knew it. I was a mod, with a suit, a parka, wranglers and a Lambretta 175Gt painted red white and blue.

Trust me girls! I was fucking irresistible!

For my summer holidays I worked in bars in a place called Newquay. I was high as a kite, sexed up to the eyelids and gave girls more poke than a typewriter keyboard in a typist office! And spanked and spanked and spanked!

To cut a long story short…I grew up and got married. I am still married to my gal! I cannot say what happened, except that earlier in life some bastardised fucking twat of a man ruined her…inside her head. I found out after my wedding day. I loved her then, I love her now. But at the age of fifty I found myself crying to a counsellor. She (my wife) understood me, I understood her. We agreed that I could follow my spanking dream. It saved everything. My silver lining to a very dark cloud.

And it grew, and grew….into an obsession.

Forget all that, let’s fast forward, to me, early fifties, successful. And starting up a spanking service for naughty girls!

16th Feb 2022


I will tell you more about how I started with my clients, but first, read this. I have mixed a lot of clients together, and made a visit for you to read about…

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Also, I have grouped another set of girls together and come up with ‘Rowena’ this is to show how a new client is dealt with…a gentle introduction.G

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Next, meet a very interesting client…

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At this point it is probably worth you clicking back to the ‘Photo Story’ page and scrolling all the way down to Suzette’s Story.


Now how did I start getting clients? A good question! With an interesting answer.

Let me tell you…

More soon.


9 thoughts on “Great Uncle Asa’s Story

  1. My my what a fascinating tale of beginnings and memories. I followed two years later myself. But a similar path nonetheless. We had spanking games and in t.v. were several shows that had spankings as well as newspaper comic strips and comic books. I knew I was a spanko from a very young age,but I digress this is about your journey and we do wish ours had been like yours where you got to share your passion with others of our ilk.fabulous story so far.Thanks for sharing and some glimpses of the times and influences of the past spanko life.Have a great day.

  2. Engaging scene and lovely reminiscences. One of these spanking blogs is not like the others, and I think yours is that one. Yours is a unique take on the scene, with your original photos and story scenes.

    I loved the post from many weeks ago referencing the girl who grew up in Britain and all about the Women’s organization her mother belonged to and how these organizations and their ideal of well-brought-up daughters informed the spanking practices of mothers across the land. No wonder girls were so thoroughly spanked and so well behaved. And no wonder Britain dominated the world for all those years.

  3. Thank you for the little time travel and nice memories and above all for passing on these experiences .

    I can say for myself that you are the big brother that I would have wished for, but at least I can say and claim that we are brothers in spirit

    Many thanks for everything

  4. Fascinating history, therefore I’m not surprised that you’re such a fascinating man!
    Have you thought of writing it out in book form to be published?
    Please do tell us more; I look forward to it!

  5. I have thought about it, but in all honesty it is too much trouble…lol….publishers are great, but do everything so slowly, then tell you to do what they want, yesterday. Hence me doing this blog. I can also go back to a story when I want.

    Thank you for your comments, they are much appreciated.

    It will all get done, eventually….I hope. I write so much, I photograph so much, I spank so much…

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