Paris by Night – 1930

I have come across two more photographers, a man and a woman, .

They were called ‘Brassai and Krull’.

Both did excellent naughty photography, bottoms a plenty!

However, they did something else, they went out into the streets, the same streets which the BORS moved in, going to their clubs, like the Cocoa Club etc…and taking photos.

So we can have a peek into their world, into their circle.

So, come on, let’s go to the opium scented streets of the centre of the spanking world, Paris, in between the war years, before that twat with the little moustache fucked it up.

{ Biederer ended up in a concentration camp and was never seen again, Yve Richards just faded away, as did so many. Them and more just vanished from records. I dare not guess at the reasons.}

But let’s not dwell on that, let’s put our coats on and drift back to the happier naughty times they enjoyed…

You will recognise which are which, Germaine Krull did the lesbian stuff, and the dancers. Whilst Brassai did the street stuff.

Here we are in some risqué clubs full of dancers, models, prostitutes and girls who loved spanking! Listen, can you hear them talking in that ever so sexy french accent? The girls asking who is going to spank them, and what roles have they got to play?

The girl in blinkers is going to trot as she pulls the other girl in a fancy little trap, having her bottom cracked with a little stinging whip to keep up the pace. They are waiting for other competitors, other teams. The dance floor is to be a circuit. Five laps. The losers get spanked and a martinet laid across their cheeks, by the other teams.

This man has two teams, the two dressed girls have two naked ‘pony girls’.

Here are some spankees, being told of their roles for the evening…

They have to be naked waitresses, and must not spill a drop, even if guests smack their bottoms as they pour.

Meanwhile, as the dance floor is readied, some dancers, ready for the can can, sit provocatively on the stage.

Just imagine, people sat drinking cocktails as they watch. Couples of mixed sex, or same sex, transvestites, Dommes with subs etc. And of course ‘ordinary couples and groups of friends’ out to see the shows and the people parading the boulevards in their own particular styles. Think of all the mirrors and lights making it all seem like a sexual, spanking, fairy land!

Of course, the dancers, the models, the Spankers and spankees were all of the same group, including being prostitutes. Each night a different role, often induced by their ‘chasing the dragon’…opium.

The dancers would be everywhere when not dancing. Showing themselves, signing autographs, or going to private rooms with their admirers.

It was said in one article I read, that many a can can dancer had a freshly spanked bottom!

These two two beauties are Germaine Krull’s favourite models and friends.

Here they are sat above a bar, showing their frilly knickers and bare thighs.

You would bump into dancers anywhere, all willing to show their femininity for a few coins.

Especially those two! But even groups would do just the same…anywhere!

Like I mentioned, cocaine, drink and opium were rife. Opium Dens and opium parties were commonplace. Inside such opulent places, and many bars, you would find many a star of the clubs and stage…

I wonder what opium fuelled dream she is having? Pretty much the same as what happens to her in life I suspect!

Oh look, here are the great aunts of Kate, Charlotte and Samantha, with their little dog… I bet it is called Lucy!

The same girls would be seen in exotic bondage shows, and of course the cine film was making it’s mark. There are plenty to find if you search! Very naughty too, and some lovely old flickering frame spanking ones!

I’m enjoying my stroll through the heady nights of Paris, are you? Let’s find a girl and go to a seedy little hotel to spank her.

You look for a girl with her bottom on show, that means she likes a spanking. There are lots, oh look, as if by magic. There is one. Let’s go and see.

“Hello, I am looking for a bottom to spank, I will respect limits. Are you free?”

“Limits? What are limits?” She winks. “And no.” She giggles. “I am not free, you have to pay!”

She sounds funny, and perfect.

So I will be back with you in an hour? Walk the streets alone for a while, but do not go down any dark alleys! See you soon!

I have a lovely time with Tellulah, and thank her very much, before leaving.

I trot down the stairs, feeling happy and fulfilled, now then….where are you?

I find you. ” Come on, we are not far from Germaine’s house. Let’s pay her a call, she will make coffee and give us cake! I know her.

She is doing what she does best, with her friends.

On answering the door she smiles…”Perfect timing as always Asa, where have you been? Long time no see!”

We go up to her dimly lit studio, a light is illuminating a girls bottom. “Just click that for me dahling! I know I can trust you to make the best of a bottom!”

She goes to the kitchen, I peer through the lens, and frame the scene, and click.

We sit and drink coffee, laced with rum. Then rum, with a dash of coffee. We eat cake…hmmm me thinks a special ingredient is added! We smoke and watch as the lights dim.

Like me, she prefers low natural light. But in studios you do what you can with drapes and small lamps.

Her two friends smile, and perform what she is best known for. Photos of pussy play.

…we collapse, stoned and drunk. My last memory before sleep are the glorious thighs of Germaine’s friends, as they get ready to go to the clubs.

Oh to be young again….Nite nite